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Casey affleck apparently knows more about the batman situation that has brothers willing to let let on on eight 'nother radio station i won't mention for various reasons he basically said that his brother will not be played batman anymore i believe after the justice lee mood which leads us to an interesting discussion about the state of the batman union i don't know where we believe it is but i am somebody who considers myself in x patriot of batman nation it i stayed on through some of the some of the coup fear years but i'm totally out obama these days and that such a weird thing to say is a grown man the on bat made as a concept i just i can't think of the last time i got pumped for batman movie in a was hit a huge baleka unfortunately a fell asleep in two of those movies which is unfortunate mike riley where are you or batman at this point of hewlett really down on batman he's my favorite superhero but i do not like the bat flec so you're with me on this i think this is a good thing if a casey affleck aim phoolan who do we have on our radar as the preferred next batman of the day laboratory show and by we i mean the shipping will they need to correct the mistake because acts neider chose ben affleck because he wanted an older batman for the story arc but they're already running into the issues of having an older batman if they actually want to see this whole story line out the guys could be pushing 55 care that.

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