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Iser talking about you. And I during the break, and we're talking with some of the lads out hanging around the hall here, though, VIP I saw that. What's happening with this division the off season? Because when I suggested to you Nick foles could go to the giants you said there. He liked thick and thin thinner. They're all in with Eli. I believe that I didn't want to give the chance they every time. They draft a quarterback. They don't even bother never use them. Right. Although maybe that's why is not to use them. So they're going to go with Eli next year again and just get some donkey of a backup, right? Okay. Probably capable let around. But I don't think that it's looks like they're probably not really committed to him. And you think the cowboy you said an interesting thing to me earlier, which is you think the Cowboys success this year may prove to be Jerry's undoing. Yeah. Because I think Jerry feels like he's got everything all figured out now, and he's real proud of himself, the Amari Cooper trade because everybody criticized him, and it turned out to be a good edition, and they looked like they were dead in the water and mid season. They get Amari Cooper. And they put on the spurt they wind up winning the division. So Jerry's all Strutton around feeling like he's executive of the year. And he's got everything all worked out and we're division champs. And we're going to the playoffs. And I still look at that team. And don't think they're that good. But I think Jerry is not gonna make a whole lot of changes. And he's going to he was on the verge of firing Jason Garrett. Why when until they beat the eagles here. And now, I guess that's good. Jason GARRETT'S is there and he's going to be there for a while. You know, the giants are going to go with ally. So the giants aren't gonna get any better. You're in a division. Our none of the other teams are very good. But I think they're starting to think better than they are. So they're not going to be a whole lot of change. And they're going gonna come back next year, basically as same teams. They are if you're the eagles, you gotta love that. And the Redskins are just the Redskins. The eagles you can change dramatically in the off season here. I have to bring in some new players for sure. Yeah. You know, I was reading stat. Because I'm look I'm already starting to prepare for the Redskins this week. I was looking at the stat. Jay Gruden is five five years for Jay Gruden. They've never won more than nine games in a season that never lost more than nine games in a season. You look over that five year period. Fourteen teams in the league have won more games. Fourteen. Teams will have have lost more games. They are they are the definition of mediocre made the playoffs once which was when they energy threes rookie year. Yes. And they got knocked out in one game. Right. As did RG. No. That wasn't RG three. That was that was Shanahan then. Okay. That's right. And Shannon played the under Gruden of going one time, and they got knocked out at home by the by the wildcard bucket up Packers. Okay. Well, they making it this year. Are they know they are not. So I don't know. No, one seems to know exactly what's going to happen with Jay Gruden. The feeling is that that they're going to just say, oh we had a ton of injuries this year. And if we hadn't had all these injuries, we would have been okay, and and Gruden will slide, but you never know what Dan Snyder. I mean, if they get if they get blown out on Sunday and the stadium's half empty. I mean, Dan, Snyder might decide how we're changing everything emperors. Allie gets fired. Jay Gruden gets fired and Alex Smith not back and they go sign another quarterback. And who knows you? It's it's you never know with Stanton. Terms of teams in pro sports that you wouldn't want to have to root for like, you know, you live there. You gotta root for the team that to me is like right at the top Redskins. Don't you hate to be a washing? I mean from the name down you hate the owner. You hate the name. The stadiums. Not very good, right? If they had no success in recent years. They just keep doing stupid things. Merle hates the booth. Yes. He does. I how many times every time. How many times? Well, Meryl tell you where they're located and how he can't see the field. Oh, I know when I'll be talking to him right around three forty five. It'll come up. I'm sympathetic zone. Because I know the location RFK was terrible twos. I mean just think about teams that you would hate to have to be your team. That's right at the top stock, Scott, you're on ninety four WIP with Glenn. Hey, scott. Hi, how are you? Glenn? Good. I think the NFL is doing a grave disservice. The eagles. I don't know if they're doing it on purpose or not. But if they left the Vikings and eagles gains at one o'clock, the bears would have to play hard against likings and wouldn't have to worry about the Rams. I see that you do Chicago Capac it in at half time. And then eagles got screwed. See what I'm saying? I do see what you're saying. I I know that they tried to do this to keep it as equitable is. They could I don't know what the flip side of those circumstances would be. But your point in terms of it would help the eagles if they had to play earlier is true. Like if the the Rams forty hours has to be at four four thirty because it's West Coast Eagles Vikings bears. Vikings and eagles have to win getting a playoff. So the Rams game means nothing to either one of those teams as far as making. You know, you're make good point. Yeah. And I'm I don't know if they did that to think it would be great having the Rams game involve which hurts the integrity of the game. As far as I'm concerned because you have one team to pack it in because of the time periods of the game. I think they're and thanks for your call. I think their attempt is to try to make as many games that impact each other occur at the same time. Right. But his his single point is, correct. Yeah. It's going to be for people have red zone. Four thirty in the afternoon. That's going to be the place to be because you're going to be jumping from venue to venue. Yeah. Yeah. Wonder if I can watch split. I'm sure the I'm about the thing is I'm sure because of because of what it is because it's week seventeen. And you're going to have all these games going on at the same time. You know, I'm sure FOX, and I'm sure CBS will be doing the same thing. They'll be jumping with every score. They're going to be jumping from stadium to stadium. So they're going keep you up with it. Did you ever have split screen on TV? I've seen it. I've never utilize owned it. No. It's one of those. I remember reading thing about this one time. I don't even know if they still make it. But it's one of those things they said everybody bought once and nobody bought twice. And that's me. I remember buying a TV split-screen thing. This could be the greatest thing the world and first of all it took me forever to figure out how to use it. But then even when I figured out how to use it. It's like this is stupid. You can just hit the button on your remote that goes back and forth. And it makes more sense. It was like eighty percent of the people who bought at once didn't bothered by twice Agassi that. Although I wish I had it for this leaf you're on ninety four WIP. Yes. The demand ordeal. I think if you hook up the internet to it might fix your situation to watch movies and shows. I just wanted to think what are the three players that we have to keep next year. And Jason Peters might retire. This year. What are your thoughts? I kind of think this is it for Jason Peters. I mean, he's having he's having trouble just making it through games now. And he's he's he is the oldest tackle in the league. And he's had a great career. And I think he's reached a place where he's probably going to be. I mean, it's it's a foregone conclusion that he's going to be a hall of Famer, and he very well may be a first ballot hall of Famer. So I kind of think that this'll be it for him. Yeah. I mean, I don't know that he hasn't. He has not said that he has his and stated what his intentions are. But if I were to guess right now, I kind of think this is going to be his last year. I agree. That'll be ten million off the cap, unfortunately to see him go where you're gonna have to find a left tackle and one impresses what you saw last week based on what I've seen. I don't think it's going to be a police vitae. I mean, if you want to keep him around is a swing guy is a backup guy. I guess maybe. But I think they they originally envisioned him as a guy that was going to step in. And I think the idea of the original plan was the lane Johnson would move to left tackle and vita would become the right tackle. I don't know that they I certainly wouldn't look advice is a guy that's going to be a starter next year. I think you gotta do better than that. And the other thing is the idea the right tackle is like an easier position to play. Remember that was that used to be thinking yours put your on the left side. You know, the right tackle, the the the the good pass rushers aren't on that side anymore. They're company that's not true anymore. I mean, you look at the guys that lane Johnson's going up against every week. A lot of them were coming from that side. So the idea that there was a oh, you can turn a hide hide the a lesser tackle at right tackle. Because listen how that work after the giants when they put flowers over there. He'll know he'll be he was lousy at left tackle. But it'll be fine at right tackle. No. You can't you can't get away with that anymore for guy can't play. He can't play. Let's get one more quick call. We'll find out. We've got stuck back. You're on with rain Glenn. What's up, Ken? Guys. Thanks for getting the end. I was just wondering kind of a strange question. But what happens if the eagles win and Minnesota and Sakata wind up time each other. God. Wait. Did he goes? It'd be nine and seven Minnesota would be eight six and two six. Yeah. I mean to me nine and seven is percentage wise better. Sixers better because if you're eight and six you go one in one that. Oh, yeah. You're right. You're right. You're right. You're right. You're right. I don't know. I think if it played too. I think if it played to a tie the Vikings would Vikings we get in is that right? I'm just saying that I just think I think they would go. Yeah. I think they would. I have to tell you. I hadn't thought about thanks for the nightmare. I hadn't thought about that possibility. But I leave the committee thicker these things, but give us another reason to cheer for the bears. Yeah. And I think the last caller was right. That would have made more sense to keep the egos of Minnesota game at one o'clock. Good point be a factor. I give us a give us a great assistant coach in any of the sports that we should remember the one that I remember is Jimmy Williams. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie was Charlie's bench coach guy. You think Bobby wine wine? He beats Jamie. Yeah. Because I think he took to two World Series. Whiny beat boa. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I thought I Bob wine was he was very very smart baseball guy. I very smart. I respect that. All right. Let's find out. What we forgot to talk about today. They're recovered Moshe Kravitz.

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