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You don't know if it's night or day and they're pumping oxygen into the room and keep everybody awake. Yeah, but it works E mean, if somebody's gonna walk around all night And say, Here's a bunch of bright lights at a bunch of nice people. And you get to have this little spot you don't have to move on will bring you food, and we'll bring the drinks and we're gonna put fresh air. I mean, yeah. You know, you're gonna sit there all night look, saying. Some people like it. Um you know what? I don't like I If I go, I'm gonna soak $1000. That's it. I'm not gonna lose one more penny. And then I have the ability was 1000 and walk away. Some people don't You know the one person I'm talking about? Indeed I do 00. My gosh, I dragged this person and it's nobody that this It's every somebody this audience would know I dragged this person. I see what's going on, and they're like getting high and then, like lost in the zone, and they're like it's sort of like a high for them. They just they couldn't stop. But I could see it. I said, Get up, dragged this person bring them to their room. And I said, Don't don't leave this room. Came back in the morning, and that person was at the same slot machine. And I knew I lost my mind. And I was like, you know you're never coming back with us ever on a trip like this? Yes, it's some people. It's a struggle, you know, but some people, that's why I say you played the penny machines. It's not so bad, you know? Okay. These weren't the penny machines didn't say they were. I'm just saying that that zone you can do No. And you know people have addictive personalities. And I know that you could get help, because I know people that have gotten help. All right. Let me get to the phones. Let's say hi J. Michigan. What's up? J glad you called. Hey, How you doing? Hannity? Nice to talk to you. I'm good, man. Her you what's going on? Dad watches. I'm doing good. Watch your show every night question. I have Is this impeachment saying that they're doing it's it's a sham like you always say. You're wasting our tax dollars. Every single American tax hours. Is there a thing that American person can do to sue the government over this camp? If we could sue over the misappropriation of our tax dollars we being court and we win every time. If the rules of evidence supplied, you know it is. This is why J elections matter. There's a reason people leaving your great state of Michigan. Remember, Detroit lost half its frigging population. Because they were run out because of bureaucracy. Unions did did not think long term and that instance I don't have anything against unions at all. But it ended up being a disaster. You know now we have, you know, get right to work states of being ripped away. It's not good for American workers. Donald Trump prove that you can have record low unemployment for every demographic in this country by securing the borders getting rid of bureaucracy, bringing back manufacturing. And lowering taxes and incentivizing business. That's it. It's not complicated. Being a conservative is not complicated. And if you do conservative things, you win and the country wins and American workers win and my attitude now about the Republican Party cause I'm not a Republican is Well, you better understand what's happening. You better understand the people of this country and you better understand you let the Democrats be the party of the coastal elites and New York and New Joy C and D C and San Francisco and Los Angeles. They're gonna have. They can keep Chicago too. But if you ever the party working men and women secure borders, lower taxes, less bureaucracy, safe schools, school choice, safe cities long order. The other party of energy, independence, Secure borders. I think I said that and also constitutional justices free and fair trade. Peace through strength. You win. That's the agenda. Don't need to spell it out any. It doesn't get more complicated than that. That's me. That's what the conservative I am. And we hear all the fight, fight fight. Let's fight for those things because that benefits American workers that benefits are Children that benefits our safety that benefits job market that is friendly for job creation in manufacturing. And then we can have prosperity for everybody. And we won't need Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden or Kamila Harris is free Anything. Cause we'll be able to get our own. Anyway, you got me worked up J. Why are you doing that? To me? It's I'm so sorry, ma'am. Just just armature Trump prints just sad. What's going on? I mean, it's You know you got Nancy closely. Pelosi and 50 shift. All of them, and it's just it's just a joke. They need to be impeached. They need to be thrown out of office. Just downright. They're going to make our country go down Hill while they already have I started my own company got a hotshot company haul freight. And I've noticed since buying got in the gas prices gone up in Michigan. And you know what Lor? We callers? She doesn't help out. She's useless. Look, forget it. I mean, you know Cuomo Murphy. You know all these. What's the governor's name in Pennsylvania? All these terrible Newsome just awful. And that's why people leave in their states in droves. Anyway. What's up? Well, Governor Wolf, you know 809 41. Shawn is our number..

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