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You're up I see dead people. Ooh that's the six cents correct right. There are two more more boys. Write them down. We're all in here. We can boy down only five seconds. Right go ahead. I just like to smile spy favorite. What you do. I mean I don't know for sure but I just want context lose all right. Time's up okay. Dumb and dumber could be. I'm not sure Elf Eddie. I have the joker because he smiles. Somebody is correct. It is just like a small swellings favorite and leave bar. Thank you very much. Is there one that we didn't do? Yeah what's that one? Why so serious. Why Joker Joker Dark Knight? Oh Wow Dang Eddie wants to doesn't work then you almost got it. It's time for the good news producer Eddie Right. This is a crazy story so Jennifer and Andre. They're expecting twin boys and Goes into Labor? They go to the hospital and her water breaks and the baby's coming but they both test positive for corona corona virus. Both the parents dad so as soon as they have the twins the twins are taken to a different location and they can't see them or touch them or anything for twenty days bone. Wow so finally. Twenty days later They are both negative now. They're all good to go and they were worried that the twins would have coronas. Well the twins do not have it. They tested negative and they got to hold their babies for the first time ever. Can you imagine a week after you had your babies to order to be able to see your baby? No Man tough. I can't even think of how how terrible that would feel. And does she get corona test as her feet in the stirrups are Eric Co. Well hold on us to stick thing your nose. How but anyway. They're all back together right. Yes and that's the good stuff that's a good story. That's what it's all about. That was telling me something good. This is newt. Gingrich inviting you to listen to my free weekly podcast called neutral world every Sunday. We will explore topics and issues that are relevant to your life and as a historian. I will offer stories in context of how the past influences are present and future lawsuits for the biographies of people who changed the world. So what Lincoln saw. When he stood on that platform was how ordinary people? The country had rallied to the call of preserving that democracy historical events happened. The president explained that he was going to deliver the speech as written and said the boys. It's Data GonNa kill me for this. The right thing to do Mr Gorbachev tear down this war download newsworld world on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcast neutral dot com. Wherever you get your podcast if you think you have a bad right now in quarantine imagine that you're in a circus first of all imaginary circus by the way just by itself. That's crazy but the circus. They were travelling at thirty five cities and they do these where they pull up to big parking lots or fields and they were in the middle of their tour and now they're quarantined in a parking lot because they can't go anywhere it's forty two circus. Staff members chefs welders aerialist jugglers clowns man. Imagine corn with a bunch of clowns fourteen. Rv's twelve semis. But they've courtesy gofundme page to try to offset some of their expenses because a lot of them why they can't go home if you're like why don't they just go home. Some of them are from South America. Because they're like aerialist that have trained to be in a circus and they can't just drive down to Georgia you know or allow yeah. I didn't think about that. And they can't fly anywhere really and it's not like in the circus. You're making a ton of dough you probably are. This tour is by the end of it. You've made all your money but anyway I saw that and thought that kind of stunk. I'll give you a lighter headline in my juvenile headline of the day. A man is arrested for mooning several customers at a wal-mart and then recording the reactions guy in New Jersey was arrested on Thursday for mooning people he's been charged with leading INNIS. So He's twenty seven years old. He went to a Walmart Moon. People all around the store and got the reactions. Someone called the cops. They arrested him. There's no word on why this was a good time for a mooning spree. If you missed this morning to we talked about the peer Pants Challenge on talk which you just hold the phone up and you get in the mirror and you let it rip into your pants literally. That's it there's nothing else coming after. That Senate You just pee your pants and you can search for that on tick tock if you want but if you do impose yeah if you do. That's weird amy. What was your question? I was just curious when you think you're going to fly again. I would fly right now if I had somewhere to go. I have nowhere to go not work but I think airplanes now probably cleaner than they've ever been because of everything that's been happening. Yeah so that's what South West Air said. They sent out an email promise to me to let me know that. They're using anti microbial spray. They're going to be cleaning between each flight. They're limiting passengers. And you know even when you line up to board a flight they said there's GonNa be a process a special one for personal space. So yeah I mean I guess it's going to be fine. My husband's friends a pilot for the airlines and said he's still flying right now and said that yeah. They are disinfecting. Those planes like crazy. You just wish they'd been doing the whole time you know when they're like we're going to clean these planes between every flight and you're like wait aren't doing that already. I mean they were but now they're really doing it. Just picking up crap out of the little back seat thing mostly so it looked like it was clean more than anything else. Yeah I mean people just used to not care how I get on a plane and immediately turned the air vent off because I heard it. The air vents are so Germany even if I was sweating and hot I refuse to asserted on and then you and I we always wiping down Steph and people would look at us like we were crazy down person next to us to. We'd sit down and we wipe their face in their hands because we don't know where they've been exactly now. That's that's just normal everyday life. I would fly now if I needed to. I think there's there I was watching a story about how they're cleaning the subways in New York and they're like every night we now go and clean. The subways mean. You'd never you weren't doing that already but I guess it's expensive but it's I'm a clean freak always have been about germs but but think about how even at the airport or I mean. We don't live anywhere there subways but if I travel you have to take like the tram maybe to the next terminal or something I get online and just grab that pole thing. I was going hands. I've been going hands with a strong base for getting balanced spread my legs a home base and it'd be like because mostly it's the airport like Atlanta airport. Yeah and they're going. You're taking that little train to the reports of the airport. Grab anything and I would just spread my legs and be like all right got. This was weird bobby bones. Show Carol Baskin from tiger. King responded after she was prank interviewed. We talked about this yesterday. Some kids on Youtube during the thinking she was one on Jimmy Fallon Carol Baskin and never done an interview and she was a good sport about it and they also really didn't mess what they played a bunch of old clips of Jimmy Fallon but she said quote. I was suspicious. We were doing it and the questions appeared taped but I had no idea what turn out to be such a fun prank. It gave us a very welcome. Good laugh nights her. Yeah no I like that response. I stand by handle that by the way I'm the only one on the show. Didn't think she murdered husband. Carol Baskin. You're listening right now. I would love to talk to you on the show. I will say it again. You're in good hands with Carol Baskin. I will take care of you. What are you going to say? Why would like the second that Carol so she feels like? This is a safe space for her. I said that I didn't have enough details for her to build.

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