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And a n o s or we mentioned when we bill let's start with louisville let's start with a quarterback coming out of louisville in the nfl draft this year of course i'm talking about more marjasin controversy started when when bill polian on espn of course the former general manager hall of famer bill polian said that he will in jaffa margetts as a quarterback more jackson should be wide receiver now bill polian has has forgotten more football than most of us will ever know but bill polian has also been around for quite a number of years and his mindset may be eightrule when it comes to quote unquote athletic quarterbacks but what i don't like it and it happens quite often in this country okay we merely jump to the race card oh please lamar jackson's blackie kempley quarterback media bill polian just didn't person liked that skill set for a quarterback he he's not a party a passer let's could become one sure white told me of course he could but he came from bill comes from a different time if you will with the quarterback position or was viewed differently okay but it does it needs about race no one asked kamnu in to to change too wide receiver no last russell wilson to do it we wanna nam nam nor has michael vic to do it somebody has to do with the body back to hundred seventeen bounce i think more jackson has to bulk up to to play quarterback and lead the party in the nfl and we kim new and take some fish is it's in the park it especially outside of the pocket and he's company that 250 he's the biggest quarterback in the league at to seventeen yulia crushed i've heard guys say we'll marjasin deflects well as a me he can avoid contact to a degree will the players coming out of yes one another when other college players from adam cards for who probably won't be in the nfl odds are the defender those hidden will marjasin is not going to be in the nfl on sunday's will our jackson's playing next year you know who's gonna be in the nfl everybody's playing against they're all going to be in the nfl.

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