Male Bats Up Mating Odds With Mouth Morsels


This is science Americans sixty seconds science. I'm Karen Hopkin sharing a meal is a standard first step in the mating rituals of many mammals, but Egypt fruit, bats take splitting an entree to a whole other level because males that allow females to take the food, right? Out of their mouths are repaid with reproductive rights and are more likely to sire offspring with their favorite female fruit finagler 's, that's according to a study in the journal current biology, a couple years back researchers noticed that in fruit bat colonies, some bats forage for food while. Other simply snatch it from the forager's mel's. Offices for expanding this Yossi avail of Tel Aviv university has studied these bets for years. Maybe the scroungers were relatives he says, or maybe they're just socially dominant bullies. We observe the mostly scroungers are females. Got the researchers thinking about something of great importance to most animals, reproduction specifically wondering whether. Might than mate with them males that provide them with food. This was. Sex food. I officers that we just you've Ellen his colleagues monitored, the interactions among bats in their colony for more than a year. And the check the paternity of the baby bets that were born what they found is that females were more likely to make babies with those males that provided free meals. But you've Bill says that the process is not strictly transactional. Sometimes they took a lot of footfalls civic individual of made with him. What's important is, is what we think is, is the bonds between the dome. So you this individual is the main provider of the female than the ability that they made. That means that offering free lunches, no guarantee for an Emmers male. But it does up his odds. And unlike human males that boys clearly learned that it's in their romantic interest to chew with their mouths open. Thanks for listening for scientific Americans sixty seconds science. I'm Karen Hopkin.

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