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This is a long arduous, season you know you're gonna hit these little bumps in the road words difficult where you know You know you have For you're trying to preserve hitching a little bit where you're up against it a little bit and a lot of, days in a row but we get the ball to one of the best in the. Game tomorrow and, savvy he goes. Out does his, thing we're right. Back reset, and deal Let's hope so fourteen game winner Luis Severino faces Rick forsillo tonight but Severino has struggled lately given, up nineteen runs in nineteen and a third innings over his last four starts so good. Luck no and, it's not a. Great spot to be in tonight Lights will be shining the recess. This awesome work. Out of the pen last night so he's no. Longer an option to start in place of j. happened Saturday have placed on the deal with Coxsackie meanwhile Sonny. Gray was demoted. To, the bullpen and then you go back a little bit Doc sake, did they'd call him up for the month What hand foot and mouth disease, as long as you just call a handful Men can. Call it Coxsackie than I can call it Brian Cashman listen tab Masaaki Coxsackie did you hear. Cashman with Carlin Maggie and Bart yesterday. He. Uses the same phrases every year I give, you a few of them absolutely, we checked the boxes me loves to say check boxes project, all the box and I don't, know if he did it yesterday with them but he also likes. To say plug. And play big fan of. Plug and play plug and play. I love Cashman I'm a fan of Cashman I am too Got to. Be a fan Done for you yeah he's he's His track record speaks for itself. Managing, the, team People. Say he won't admit it but it's true Brian we know the, deal, and was called the Yankees skipper. Brian skipper Brian I just can't picture down. In the dugout with the jersey and the hat coming, out to make a. Pitching change go into a restaurant and order Coxsackie what do they, bring And foot and mouth Two cups of Coxsackie And that's all I need really. Thanks diseases as grosses the name is Kids ever had to knock on wood and say no. But now they're gonna get. An, foot, mouth now, they're? Gonna. Get it so very prevalent. With kids well yeah like. Daycare right yeah The not, even just? Daycare like camp anywhere you go I mean didn't Syndergaard got it at a at a camp and I think Jay God because here plane on an airplane was on an. Airplane you think and this would be very unfortunate because one of the great things the Mets do in the Yankees do invite these little league, kids, on the field shaped the players hand do you think they're going to. Ban that now they're going. To, like, not allow, kids? To The players fly Coxsackie air He's added more like like.

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