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The recommendation her husband. She got her last name. Married name fair from she saying shantelle. Staying with james brown's review in nineteen sixty one and then later on. She hooked up with chuck jackson. Who took to motown records. And she was on not the gordy record label but the soul record label and she had this song stay a little longer and she was the opening act. When she was at motown's she was the opening act for the temptations. The jackson five mama. Gay and norman whitfield and she worked with producer. Norman whitfield on a series of singles. Love ain't no toy door if you wanna you know and then later on and also she had a child with james brown. Her daughter was venetia brown who had passed away on twenty eighteen at the age of fifty three but she has a son by leroy fair. Julia as well you know as she was also married to wanted to. Oj's sammy strain. Also at at one time. And we celebrate miss yvonne fair right here on a bowl of sold and it was also noted that when she retired from singing in the nineteen eighties she worked as dionne warwick wardrobe coordinator and this is a bowl of solar and coming up next on a stay in detroit with this classic. R&b so group the masqueraders talking about one more chance and this is a bowl of saw..

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