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The esplanade is thousands of gathering privilege fourth of july celebrations no factor allow everyone must go through a security screening the world's oldest commission warship that's you'll afloat celebration in charlestown the yours there's constitution fired a 21gun salute russia and china have proposed that north korea the lira moratorium on missile jess law the us and south korea stop large scale villa jerry exercises proposal comes after the north launched yet another missile earlier today joey jaws just night has done it again chest not one nathan's fourth of july hotdog eating contest in coney island for a tenth year in a row listen to the crowd dog leave a dog lead twenty five seconds looking for a fact that the girls have the body nine chestnut down seventy two dogs in bonds in ten minutes mickey pseudo won the women's division for the fourth time she devoured one hot dogs and bonds in ten minutes a bad idea cost one michigan manas garage police say he tried to use fireworks to remove bs from his garage but ended up burning down he was hoping the smoke bomb would drive the bs away he got rid of the bees all right but now he has no place to park his car luckily noone was injured a terminallyill british infant suffering from originated disease that has left him severely braindamaged might leaving britain for treatment correspondent diana magnay reports the vatican hospital is willing to take in shawls guard however harsh it sounds great woman straight treats very very ill babies and patience all the time they will be putting in place a proper end of life plan that the parents can back where to make the withdrawal of treatment inch ottis case more than one and a half million dollars have been raised to help the baby leave britain for treatment three british court however have ruled it's.

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