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Instance you are using your voice and talking back to the interactive screen and choosing your answers and then the narrator will tell you you know not that it's right or wrong but actually this is you know the the answer and this is why so we have some really fun interactive's especially about humor Teaching a robot. How to tell a joke. What's funny what is it joke made up of you know punchline and tag in a different things like that lead up and timing exactly the elements of a good joke telling. Oh that's great. It's also coming to mind. Is i several years ago. I lived in la for many years. In fact i worked at sixty minutes. They are and i did. A tour of would take people to the museum of tolerance. And i was friends with a gentleman who became the chief of police in la and they're boys had their own issues of course and i was telling him about this museum and i persuaded him to visit and they integrated into their training for diversity and inclusion and part of the reason was there's this extraordinary component of that museum where you walk through and they're holograms yell. Epithets you and you have an experience of what it feels like to receive this ugliness and it's transformative so as as you're talking about experiencing language and what it how it moves people that also comes to mind for me. We have in our gallery cupboards matter one of the storytellers talks about being bullied and Starting at a young age and being asked do you want to die and so really powerful stories like that about how hurtful language words can be and someone asks me. You know where idea came from and one of the things that happened in my life that led to this museum sort of roundabout is that we were living in jerusalem after almost five years in beirut where i you know traveled all over the middle east learned arabic and now we're in jerusalem and someone yelled at.

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