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Domain and now back to the show. Alison, thank you so much for joining us. I'm fairy happy to be here with you guys. It's been while. It is very kind of you to give us your time. I have to say these days, it's kind of a pleasure to go back and look at west wing episode. This episode liftoff could actually air today fit in perfectly. It would be about President Trump choosing Sarah Huckabee Sanders as new chief of staff. That's what you're saying. You want? That's that's how I interpret. What you just said. Oh my God. Please don't when did I soon. John wells tell you that you're going to be the choice for chief of staff. Have when did you learn about the storyline? I don't remember that moment. I do. Remember knowing me that I was probably like are, you sure? I don't know. Really? I'm not sure that guy is just not entirely behind the idea because I was so comfortable in my position. They're in the west wing as press secretary thought, I was doing a great job. And I just I loved the way things were. And I knew that kind of change was going to create some bumps along the way for me Allison Janney, and for CJ much more fun to show CJ's bumps along the way than mine there were a few after stepping into those shoes. Interesting so truly your response was in. Did you would have just as soon stay doing what you're doing? I think you've used so capable of doing anything. I can't imagine you would actually well, let's just say this. If I had started off in that role, a hick, I might be totally gamed jump to that challenge. But I tend to be self deprecating, but my, you know, political savvy I just knew that would be it would be harsh shoot as heart. She is for me to fill in the stand there and just spit out all. This day easier. It's easier to do that as press secretary than to have to be the boss of Toby, Josh. And just it was it was difficult for me. And I also made that didn't need to get ahead of myself here but going down the road in further episodes. I remember always having to tell the director. I know don't have a line here. But shouldn't they all look to me for a nod like needing to have that power? I can't create that myself. Everyone has to give me that power like a cat play the Queen walk in the room. Everyone else makes me the Queen. I I have to. So that those moments I found a little tricky. And it was comfortable for me to say to ask for those things. But no, I think CJ absolutely capable of doing that job at I love how she goes about it in a way of let's just not make this a big deal. Okay. Let's just, you know, just businesses usual. I'll just be chief of staff it's not like it's kind of a fish out of water, but not really out of water, but it a different water, and it was enormously fun to watch her. Navigate the transition and everyone else what were the bumps that you anticipated for yourself? The Allison Janney, bumps you thought, you might might be coming your way having to be the boss of Josh. And Brad, and Richard and be in a room and have to have them..

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