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S. bird is implying. This is jason j. Louis the voice of superman on justice league actions we shoot min. You're listening to the crypt report. Walk into the crypts on report. The things tony podcast. Where we talk about anything to superman supergirl crypt on dc comics and tv movies video games comics. I'm your host tyler. The superman of blue the man of tomorrow all right. It's that time for the krypton report. Now i'm just going to cut chase to it like i've been sick and my voice is leaving me and if you hear me dip off. It's because i'm coughing. And good thing is i don't have. I've been tested several times. So i had to call upon the man of muscle not flex mentality ono but james cole. Welcome james so yeah. That's my segue news doom patrol. I mean thursday. Dude was my dc day. Because i hadn't so thursday. Of course the wife. And i watched titans and then a we watched the first episode of do patrol and then we went about our day and then Kiss came home. Watch so my kids came home. Watch star grow and then at night watch the rest of vitriol so those back on star girl is at its halfway point where they were doing a season break and this is where it would be awesome fight in the last episode Let's see here in the other big newsworthy notes. Sear we got images behind the scenes about women and we got peacemaker images and of course and We found out that the score for back girl is being written by the composer. She did loki. So that's cool And let's see i did. I don't remember the score. Like in. Usually i do so man. Life keeps you back so if any listeners know anything from batman on film you'll know that they don't report rumors and stuff and jets really bill jet raining really big on the truth and he's already pointing out that there is a haven't announced it yet but it looks like the batman is already been green lit for a sequel. So i thought that was very interesting. Check out their website in twitter for more on that.

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