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Sammons cancer center in Dallas. The team there has received a multimillion dollar grant to create a test that will pinpoint pancreatic cancer. So that the genetic markings can be detected. When there's still a chance this sort of falls in the hand of some of the conversation the last couple of weeks, even about somebody. I think it's in Canada, finding a so-called cure for cancer. They're all kinds of cures for cancer around the cancer industry doesn't want you to have that at your disposal because it puts their industry out of business. But if you're obese you're more at risk. So let's keep our hopes up for some new weapons in the war against cancer. I'm Doug Stephan. All right. Couple of other comments here. Dr Ken Johnson and Johnson been subpoenaed because of the problems with their baby powder, all kinds of litigation Vestis in baby power. So what do you recommend to people who need have jockettes? Are they need to dry baby powder? But. You know? I mean, whatever it is that you need that talcum for what's the right brand. That's good question. Just like you just. I I I don't know by Johnson and Johnson that's for sure. Right. Look at the label. You want to stay away from baby powder? Period. I I will have to research that one for you having no babies around using that product, you know, it's it's not around. Yeah. I'll research it. Yeah. Let's let's talk about maybe when we get together. Next time the other thing I saw that was interesting loneliness bad for your health. Back to the heart broken hearts and real hearts and how they get together. Pretty amazing stresses in any form as bad for the doctor Ken Cronos from lake cardiology wanna go see him. Call his office three five two seven three five fourteen hundred for cardiology and Ken krona's three five.

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