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Like, his trainer said something about the sparring where he was kind of letting the cat out of the bag like, you know, what it was a good sparring or. Yeah. You know, what paulie was given as good as he got or whatever the hell he said, obviously going to be partially his guy. But suddenly, suddenly it wasn't like paulie gotten cost him with an Ospital anymore. You know, suddenly it was like. So they would I kind of letting the cat out of the bag a little bit as to what really happened, but not not as much, but I felt like all right? What is this guy doing like trying to set up that it was competitive? So these guys trying to set up a fight a one man my team never got cold and one nine you. And it's not up to me at the end of the day. Yeah. I'd do it because I don't like the guy. You know what I'm saying? And I tell you how I want to do it. Because like I said I want you to put your money where your mouth is. You know? I mean, if you beat me up and gave me cautions and hospitalize, you whatever it is. I don't even know me. Winner-takes-all? Now, you've got to do it winner-takes-all. If you did this put your money where your mouth is you did that to me it my sport risk fighting for free now. Now, you got not now, let's see put your balls on the table because you've got none. I say, okay. You know, what I send you that hospital? Now, I'm gonna do I'm gonna do I'm gonna fix all. Because why am I so willing to do winter takes all if it's about money because everybody's blaming Polly wants to pay only ones this. Oh, it's a payday for me. When it takes all, I take all the money beat the shit out of the guy, and he knows it too. That's why that's why he hasn't done it. Yeah. Well, he can't he gets. He kills himself. If he walks around the ring for twelve Brownsville, stop he'll stop walking. You can't go twelve rounds himself just on on an average. That's what I thought. I mean when people were talking about that fight him and fluid. I was like man take every nickel. You can't embed it against him. And does he knocks him out in the first round? He has no chance. I mean, I I had fifteen professional boxing matches. And then I started with four round fights..

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