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A philadelphia eagles amber knowing what patriots some early thoughts as you take a look at that game coming up fourteen days from now well it's always interesting when you give bill bellichik two weeks to prepare for anybody and i know he's going to be here map it's going to be worn over this thing and trying to figure out how they're going to stop you know this offense philadelphia's offense was going to get the number one defense that we saw what they did to them tonight they are they put it to them so big challenge for map attrition ability to come up with a defensive game plan if nikolsky keep it going here in a couple of weeks that gives them a a great deal to uh to continue to work on and continue to build on and then for philadelphia defensively there's a blueprint there jacksonville had some success with early in the game that they were able to call some frustration it's a problem for tom brady and that offense of new england now just like tom brady new england usually does they get things going in the fourth quarter they came back and won the game so there are going to be some things that jim schwartz the defensive coordinator for the eagles is going to be able to take out of that take funny out ends up with a to number one the to number one seeds arguably the best teams in their respective conferences will meet in a big game that comes up in two weeks right here on westwood one thoroughly enjoyed a trend is always me for two straight weeks together the miracle minnesota last week a pretty commanding performance by the eagles tonight super bowl fifty two two weeks away it back oba kansas city we'll watch i guess on cbs sports network right to gordon quarterback that they're safe we will see you down the road i enjoyed it kevin always been working with you and great working with you as well so scot graeme thirty eight seven eagles when it a celebration continues and as.

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