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In an let's have some of the stats on both sides yeah absolutely um the red wines of course clearly as i as i mentioned before due to sort of dominate i thought horizon and although they have uh a vast array of grape varieties and it's probably in my humble opinion on the most diverse in the sense that they got great quite easy to essentially indigenous if you wilkie area but they've also been very forthcoming and open if you will with respect to on importing grapes from other parts of portugal so that is to say um you know integrates if you will but from the same country and then being openminded to um international great that makes sense from other parts of europe in the world so in that respect kind of going a very are pushing the boundaries on concept bigger their closer if you will stylistically approaching philosophy to say tuscany in italy or the better dealt blando in spain two areas within their respective countries that are that are leading edge cutting edge for both quality and four for experimentation getting the red grapes i'm three primary great that are out there but muster these are not going to bring any doubt that he went out there in your audience with the article in that and how to connect if these same great as temperature meal in stain on goes by another name popped into gardez into further north ig referenced earlier and you get the planet great in the country um and it's obviously the most planning a great them all of eight burillo iberia being the combination of both spain and portugal is another great um that sort of follows up sit there called data and shrink the data is known as two thousand but allah up in the north and it provides should've that black through space earthy nearest to the should've strawberry red fruits china's some cocky flavors that when that that i wanted to signature great of the.

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