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And then the desserts working up to the baking of the Turkey Debbie Watson says she'll log about five hours making her thanksgiving meal prep stuff I've already started it and I'll start not early have I'll get up right about seven or eight but I normally get up early so that's not really early for me you ever feel that for all the time you put into the thanksgiving meal that you wish people would chew their food more slowly yeah alike yeah does the whole meal last compared to the prep time probably not even forty five minutes another woman says her system involves baking the Turkey Wednesday night into Thursday morning but she has to get up several times in the night to check on the Turkey and basted so it won't get dry the rest of the house is sound asleep Kevin killing Saint Louis is news radio came away that's what it'll sound like along Market Street later this hour between Union Station and keener plaza for the annual thanksgiving day parade grand marshal David plus go says the boys and girls clubs will be there celebrating their fiftieth anniversary and they have a young lady whose name is Daniel Kane who is their youth of the year and she is going to ride in and special Kerr and then there's a float behind that is going to talk about all the great work that boys and girls clubs of greater St Louis dies there they just opened a teen center in Ferguson they're gonna talk about that this parade is really had a philanthropic angle to it since its inception Blokus as band members participating will donate hundreds of blankets to the homeless and other performers are donating canned food the thanksgiving day parade kicks off at eight forty five at Union Station the telecast on channel four begins at nine also the Turkey trot five K. has been downtown this morning came excuse time NATO seven for many of us after we finish eating our thanksgiving Turkey and everything else that goes along with it we settle in for a nap or watch football but for some it's time to get up and go to work and that'll be the case for thousands tonight will be checking out shoppers who were getting an early start on Black Friday according to reviews dot or twenty three percent of Americans would bail on thanksgiving for Black Friday deals and something is wrong to make folks work on thanksgiving night reviews dot org home in technology specialist Jenna shale and tells us the stores are simply meeting a demand moving forward maybe in the next year like as we're thinking about that you know if you are in a retail workers you know maybe they're great though workers you don't want to bail on thanksgiving dinner but those twenty three percent are kind of forcing into a little bit and if you're going shopping this Black Friday watcher card the reviews dot org survey shows nearly twenty percent of shoppers have admitted taking items from someone else's card the same percentage of gotten into an escalated argument on Black Friday Brian Kelly Saint Louis is newsradio KMOX guns N. hoses and with another blue team went last night marked the thirty third year for the back stoppers fund raiser seventeen thousand seven hundred forty one in attendance at enterprise center the first eight bouts went back and forth but then the blue team won the next five of six to take control participants came from local fire EMS and police departments plus the Missouri highway patrol okay much news time eight await the new.

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