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Don't even. I don't even know if he was that he had a lot of problems. I think he was. I think he was known as pretty rude. I think he. I mean i don't know him personally but from what i've heard it was. He was not a nice man but it sad died over the stuff. With like saved by the bell reboot and that crap like he wasn't invited any of that so clearly. There's some dynamic that yeah he's part of. He died of cancer. He died pretty fast. I mean i think he was just diagnosed like a month ago. Maybe i have forgotten cancer. That's too bad then. I mean i walking back on my horrible but whatever it's definitely it's still sad but it's just definitely not doesn't hit home for us because we weren't huge saved by the bell fans. We weren't really he didn't really you know. We just brought up kobe. Bryant and like that was like devastating and it was like a hard hit and with this one. Yeah this one. I'm just kinda it's sad. He lost his life. He was really young but he definitely was not connected to him in any sort of way exactly and then you mentioned this earlier today. The mortal kombat has a release date. Did you catch that. Release date at all. It's an april according to wicky pedia wikipedia april. Sixteen of this year theater on. Hbo max like simultaneously so any idea what that's about as it just a whole new mortal kombat movie. I have no clue. Yeah i mean. I am a fan of the franchise license as a kid and play the video game and i even enjoyed the movies. I'll say the first one second one's gonna shit but with this one. I don't know anything about it. It kind of popped up. Hbo and it had like a trailer thing. The kind of briefly mentioned it. So i saw that and was like let me new bill. This and i see that it's coming up so it's coming down no like known people in it. No no no one that pops out right. No one yeah looked at the cast and no big name. So it's kind of cool for that. I'm i'm hoping they just put more the budget in the special effects instead of paying oury who's back into the freeze guy the movie. But who's the freeze guy. What's that who's the freeze guy. Roux every go zero. I remember being that guy. And then sonia sonya blade. That's pretty much who i wrote on. And then what. I said it was a raider fan. Oh yeah yeah. Was that the old man anyway. Guess what's a lightning dude. I feel like he was what's happened. Was he old. I don't know how to answer that. Like i remember an old man with gray hair then. Yes i think that's it you would choose that guy and i'm screaming anyway What else is in the news. So we had the netflix series of bridgeton. Is the biggest series ever on netflix. With eighty two million households having watched it within the first month. What that status impressive. I've never heard of this show. I mean i. Yeah i don't know i guess you told me about it and.

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