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Highway 16 or so Then you'll be back on your brakes in North Bound five up till you get past the Tacoma Dome. Our next report is at six. So forum Evan Smith comma traffic. The co Moh forecast clear skies across the region today. Expected to carry over into your Monday is well, we're going with dazzling sunshine for tomorrow. As for the overnight timeframe, temperatures bottoming out the low to upper fifties early Monday and possibly developing a few spots of fog, most probable for the Western section to stay home ish county. And out toward the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Elsewhere for the most part, sunshine from the start to the finish. High temperatures ranging the upper seventies to the low eighties, meteorologist Abby A. Cockney become a Weather center. Number of Americans testing positive for covert 19 is passing the five million mark. Lisa Taylor has more even though we've reached that milestone. There are signs the spread of the Corona virus is slowing. Johns Hopkins researchers say. More than 162,000 have died in this country. On Ly seven states are seeing increasing numbers of cases The number of new infections is falling in 17 states. Three states had the highest per capita rate in the past week. Louisiana Mississippi In Florida. The nation didn't see one million infections until April 28th. It took a month and 1/2 to get to two million, then less than a month later to get to three million than on Lee a couple of weeks to reach four million. That was 16 days ago. Lisa Taylor, NBC news radio. Now your political insides from ABC News. The president telling states to use already approved Corona virus aid to give.

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