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The ferrall rally special. Hope you're enjoying it We gotta talk about violence at some point in the middle of all this fighting with mafia. Brian siano joins us to get into the fight game. There's so many great fights coming up in both boxing and the ufc licking my shops. Why don't we start with the conor. Mcgregor dustin pori the diamond. We know what happened the last time they fought. Of course they fought twice first. Time mcgregor won several years ago. Then recently pori kicked his ass and knocked him out and then now they're going at it again with their trilogy here in a few days. Let's throw up the graphic of the odds that we have on this mafia and tell me what you think's going to happen. Because i gotta tell you i have this I want i want three just like i did the last time. And i have this sneaking suspicion that it's going to a lot like the diaz mcgregor fights in that the second fight with diaz mcgregor came in like an animal and he was so ripped and and focused and carved and cut and lean and nasty and vicious and he fought so well and he won that fight. I watched it several times at first. I thought when i watched it live that he lost that fight again. I thought he has won both fights but the more i watched it the more i realized why conor mcgregor won that fight. I have a sneaking suspicion. The same thing's going to happen here. I believe the ufc actually wants him to win this fight. And that they're gonna make sure wins this fight for their business purposes. I think the fix is in. I'm being honest here. I think he not only do. I think they want him to win. I actually think he can win without all the shenanigans because i think he's so focused and driven and worked out and so ripped right now and like his workouts have been insane. You've seen what he's been doing getting ready for this fight. I haven't seen a poor doing anything and you're not gonna see doing the way he is. He's not the guy's gonna put himself out there and social media just trying to play the game of. Let me show you what i do. Let me so much bad ass. I understand gave his game is getting the kgb a bad ass and that's what he showed that last fight and i agree. It's so easy to feel like connors time because of the way he's bounced back before because it is so important for the ufc to when this fight if he was this fight. Then that's what his last three fights in around the us three of his last four in the and plus the one that may were like most of what we've seen over the last four or five years mcgregor would have been losses. And then that's where is he. Was he worth you know. People are still by fights if he's fighting. You know tony ferguson. Our fight that doesn't matter. No they're not gonna so what they want is for him to win. What they want is to push him up into tallec attention. They're put him against olivera that fight or put them against michael channel to limited. Catchy like you could put him against those guys if he wins if he loses this fight again you. Can't you have to back down the side of the mountain and that doesn't work out for the business plan. But i don't think doesn't point a dan. What matters for the cnn business plan. I think he's the better fighter it's still all. We hear about great workouts. And what he's doing for the last by going and trading with these cyclists up in the mountains of italy and how great is cardio was going to be how much it is cardio matter. We got knocked the hell out in the second round. It didn't matter a bit. So you'll get jacked up. He can get all the cardio he wants. What he doesn't have is the all around game. That's why i'm still with a diamond. I think it's a slap in the face. The odds are even for this fight. I don't care. He won the first one like seven years ago in the last four. Five years doesn't diamond says the way better fighter and he is a better all around fighter we barely even saw the ground game that first second fight in the first round because kinds of job stopping it but them up on the feet which is supposed to be connors world right. He was one of knocked him out in the first fight. So i'm still taking away because we still have not seen all the tools in the bag for him. And i think if it gets into deep waters i don't care counters done in the alps or what he's done with in the gym is gonna be different when he's on his back import as on top pounding from the mount position. So let's say hypothetically that conner loses again. Do you think that he is basically a thief and that he has made more money than anyone in the history of the ufc hands down far away like outrageously surpassed everyone else like. No one's even sniffed the money that this guy has made. Do you think he's a bank robber and that he's a phony and that all that's left for him to do is a violent fight for no money that he's used to. He's used to big money fights but they'll still make money fight but not the money he's been making because he won't matter anymore he loses the pori but i think i wanna see him fight chandler. That's the fight. I wanna see. I don't care about gap g and all these other ones. Chandler is a violent dude. Let see those dudes abreu up some hate for six months before a fight zillions of having guide. Kennedy's of our guy to that guy used to just take heads off before you realize. Listen box maybe. I don't get knocked out myself. And that's how he got his way the against ferguson. But either those guys would be a great fight to watch against you guys. Throw it down. You know those chandler. Though has the wrestling background. So that can be something that factors in as well. But i don't think he disappears. It's like no money. If loses his fight he still has the name he still has the mouth. That's still drives people like we've seen with some of these other. We've seen that are jokes in the sport of boxing. Mma may whether fight against the paul. That's a complete yoga fight. People bought it because they want to watch him. They will always want to watch conor mcgregor until he loses five six seven in a row. That people are still going to buy and as long as he's bringing the by he's gonna make the money and as long as he's still making the big money he was still getting that cage and do it. because that's the guy he is. I know he's made obscene amounts of money. You know and he doesn't really need it but some of those guys. They need the attention. They need to fame again. Look at floyd. Floyd has enough money to live ten lifetimes but he still keeps coming back because he craves attention. And if they're not fighting if they're not in there you forget about him. Yeah no doubt about it i. Let's move onto later in july on the twenty four. Th you got san and dillashaw. How big is this. Fight is a very big fight. Dillashaw of course was the chance for a long time. He was a bad ass he was going for. Division champ wallace against the gouda and then got popped for cheating. And that's why we haven't seen him in a long time then he was supposed to come back in this fight against said hagan earlier this year and then he had that big gash above his eyes so they the push back even further. Im going with this one. Though they'll show is bad ass. He's got gray rustling. He's got a nice popping those fish that you don't expect he's very quick but sanity is gonna have a big advantage in height and reach. You can have like three or four inches in this. San hanging has been fighting. He's at the top of his game right now. He had the one loss against algebra sterling. That cost him a chance to get to the title picture but other than that. This guy has been tearing apart people. He's a great well rounded fighter. And he's in there he's fresh. He's young. i don't know where we're going to see for diligence. I have to see this guy. Fight before i can say that. He's still at the letter was. He's in his mid to late thirties now. This isn't the young pope that he was winning. Titles so for the guy who come off the cheating. The allegations his suspension. Yes approve.

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