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Y. C is senior political correspondent Bridget Bergen. Good morning, Bridget. Good Morning, Carrie. Well, Adams declared. Victory. Tell us where things stand right now. Well, the latest figures show Adams continuing to outpace former sanitation Commissioner Catherine Garcia by just 1% point. Which translates to about 8400 votes. Maya Wiley was once again eliminated in the penultimate tally, trailing Garcia by about 12,000 votes or 1.4% points. So really, it was a close race, but Adams did issue a statement of victory. Ah! It yet neither Garcia or wily, formally conceded. Garcia is expected to make a statement in Central Park at the woman's rights monument this morning. And while he will appear outside the Lucerne hotel in the Upper West Side, which Have been used to house homeless men and became a real flash point in that debate over homelessness, But if the current number stand, it doesn't seem mathematically possible for either of them to pull this out, and the margins will narrow are still wider than that half of 1% that would trigger an automatic recount under state election law. So what did Adam say about the results? Well, he acknowledged there were still some votes to be counted. But he celebrated, and he called the results clear, describing it as a win that was historic, diverse. Five borrow coalition led by working class New Yorkers. And then, really. He shifted his focus to winning in November and talked about making the city safe, fair and affordable for all New Yorkers. Well, this was an historic election on several fronts. Adams could become the city's second only black mayor after David Dinkins. It was also the city's first citywide primary with ranked choice voting. So how well did it deliver? Well. The promise of ranked choice voting is to ensure that voters elected candidate with more consensus support. Proponents say it can help women and candidates of color be more successful. Now setting aside the very real snafu from the board of Elections last week. It's worth noting that the top three candidates in this mayoral race were two women, including a black woman and a black man. Then, when you consider the new class of City Council candidates, it's extremely diverse with 29 women, most of whom are women of color. So as we continue to dissect this election carry in the days and weeks ahead. No. This has to be part of the analysis. So what about the board of elections? This has not exactly been their finest hour, given that they released and then retracted incorrect counts last week. Are we likely to see any changes to how they operate any time soon? Well since last week. We have definitely been hearing increased calls for reform. There is an assembly hearing scheduled for later this month, and state Senate leader Andrew Stewart cousins has pledged That That chamber will also hold hearings. But keep in mind that changing the structure of the agency will take time. Even if elected officials remain committed to doing it, Um, Council member Antonio Reynoso, who is actually poised to become the Brooklyn borough president, nominee, along with the head of a Reform political club in Brooklyn, the New King's Democrats. Actually laid out a plan, uh, involving changing the state's constitution to make the agency nonpartisan, as opposed to having the Democrats and Republicans literally baked into the law. They also want Board of elections commissioners to be picked through a competitive, transparent process that includes input from all county committee members and not just the county bosses. That there are other pieces of state legislation that could also make it easier to count absentee ballots to just speed the whole process up. But the main point really carry is it's up to state lawmakers, and, most likely they will only act if people demand it. Now, even if Adams wins, the election isn't over yet. So what's coming between now and November carry? It's the Adam Slee Wanna show we've got Curtis Lee Watch as the Republican nominee. He is the founder of the Guardian Angels security team, which you might have seen. They patrol the subways and those red jackets and Berets. Um so you can expect to hear a lot more about public safety. That will be a drumbeat of this general election. Um, you may also hear a little bit more about Slee was 15 rescue cats, um, that he and his wife have taken in. He's also talked a lot about no kill shelters. Um, but I expected to be a highly animated race that ultimately, Adams is likely to win because Democrats outnumber Republicans in New York City, nearly 7 to 1. And as Cindy Adams used to say, only in New York kitties only in New York W N Y. Says senior political correspondent Bridget Bergen. Thanks so much. Thank you, Carrie..

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