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I you know i'm i'm a huge advocate for or <hes> you know people power <hes> the eagles whether it's a bicycle or going hiking or whatever <hes> but the reality is i think those types of decisions really you have to be made at the policy level i don't. I don't think we can hold a i mean the the atv club accountable or whomever for the policies. <hes> are are not currently place so while yes. It's a it's a definitely a talking point and you know i definitely in favor favor of more than environmental friendly option <hes> you can't really how how do you regulate or make policies that advocate one way or the other one. You know it's not that there's no there's no law in place <hes> regulating <hes> you know for against <hes> carbon footprints right now but it's i mean we should be as staff you leading the environmental <hes> conservativism when it comes to that discussion all right well. I thank you for the call. It's always good chatting with you and <hes> will we will <hes> <hes> stay on top of this atv issue issue. I don't think it's anything that's going away anytime soon. In vermont communities i mean it's clearly a sea plane out all over the state <hes> in rural towns and it is a it's an interesting topics so president donald trump appears to be annoyed with the fox news network that i just got a look of shock from my good buddy dana jewell here here at our engineer projection booth and <hes> <hes> yeah because there's been a sort of symbiotic relationship between the president trump and fox news network for <hes> pretty much the entire trump campaign in presidency to date and <hes> there seems to be some daylight growing between them a tickly following coming from fox news reporting this weekend about poll results and <hes> <hes> fox news talk about <hes> a new poll out indicating that trump would lose a general <music> election against any one of several leading democrats <hes>. Let's see year he <hes> they asked him about <hes>. The the poll results indicate actually that present vice former vice president joe biden would easily beat the president trump. <hes> senator bernie sanders would win in head to head matchup senator elizabeth warren senator kamala harris <hes> any of these leading democrats according to <hes> and the fox news polling the caning that the range they would range from twelve points margin for for biden which is a really big margin in the presidential contest. <hes> six points <hes> against <hes> harris harris harris and again is even six points is usually when he come election night <hes> the in the results ended up closer than that by a significant ignificant margin so <hes> this idea that the that the poll results <hes> and of course you know you got to put a big caveat in any discussion around polls holes right now we are still <hes> something like fifteen months out from the general election and <hes> the only poll accounts the one that happens on that november day so we we we obviously take these polls poll results for what they're worth but <hes> interesting that fox news is putting them out there and talking about them <hes> and <hes> and also just just now see the the president of the united states get getting quite annoyed with. I haven't seen them you call fox news fake news yet but <hes> but boy you know that could it'd be the next thing coming <hes> he said that <hes> the president said there was this according to a report in <hes> leaving the huffington post..

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