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Two hundred eighty thousand dollars here's two guys who've made twenty does noise year for the last six years we thought we were infinitely wealthy at that point and we had a couple of million and follow on grant funding that we ended up uh parlaying there so we weren't we knew one day we would need venture capital we weren't naive for what we want to do it's an expensive thing to carry to completion but we weren't in the point where we said oh we have to now in hindsight alah thoughts that oh my that come out of the right time we'd never be where we are today but it was um it was unique tell me about how you made the switch from these sophisticated more signs see applications to to close what are some memories you have a vat decision when we were on this grant funding it's all very highbrow like oh we're gonna make technology so we need to think about things that are technical like airplanes and cars and bulletproof vests whereas clothings often thought it was like however we just all by close so i actually went and tested out the idea of a before we told you what we're doing this and went to our program manager masao like hey what do you think about the apparel space he just laughed and he was like no that's not technology does never going to fly and then it's funny because now everyone believes its a t apparel can be technology and all these great things and i hear your wife works at old navy so that helps my wife use my girlfriend at the time amy as you always want to be a fashion designer really early on in our life cycle i saw the applicability to clothing and a pretty big need that was not exactly obvious in that you look around the world today in your closer made of effectively five different types of fiber and that's like all you've got the opportunities giant the need is big no one's innovating now it's unseemly hard noone liked the story in the beginning it took me a six months comments ethan and david the closest where we needed a focus and your first prototype at is the time which took you over seven years to to make your first tied right and that sold for three hundred fourteen dollars right fifteen cents.

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