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There was well finally tonight hitting that perfect Oscar note pulling the curtain back on this year's most memorable music. The Larry as we countdown to Hollywood's biggest night a look now at the revealing stories behind not what we saw. But what we heard? So he Mian rap city up. The best pictures. Actor Romney, Molly up for best actor in the movie, portraying Freddie, Mercury and telling Ben mates. He hit those high notes because he was born with four extra t. So how did Malik sound so much like the music legend? Malik Horley say at all thanks to help from Mark Martel, a former lead singer in a Canadian Christian rock band. Movies biggest invisible role as the voice of, Freddie. Mercury producers mixing his voice with weeds, original master recordings. A star is born is up for eight Oscars. And one of them is for the hit song. Shallow nominees. Bradley Cooper singing tonight onstage with his co star lady. Gaga Cooper talked about his regimented months of training with a voice coach Munson working on that voice. I think it lowered and like almost an octave. One all the song to the movie to be performed live test watching it become. It's been a pleasure and recently. Angus Cooper, lady Gaga gave a surprise. Shallow duet in Las Vegas. And the next time. We see them together. We'll be tonight at the awesome. Looking forward to that. And of course, stay tuned right here for all of tonight's Oscar excitement at eight like so much for watching on Thomas in

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