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Baby alligator, So don't think that the Mac and cheese is really a great extension for us. Matt Gates, the original Florida man. Listen, we're gonna track down Jordan, The Louden Swain of Congress, the vision Quest wrestler and we're gonna do this in D. C. We can't wait. All right. You're the man I appreciate coming on Happy Thanksgiving and all that stuff, man. You to keep up the good work, my man. There he goes. The great math gates. Confirming that the inspiration for his haircut was Jimmy Neutron. And not Bob's big boy. So to all of our listeners, nobody cool of the mat Gates because he comes on, and he'll talk to you about the ways he's been insulted on Twitter, and we kind of have a good time yucking it up about things that gets that about both of us is public figures him certainly more so than May. But he loves a good twitter insult. So if you have one, I mean, you can fire it right off at him on Twitter. And if you want to run it by me as standards and practices, you can feel free as well. 887889910 My one. Take away in that conversation from the gates, man. Is It does seem like the battlefield. It is too scattered. For this president. To overturn this election. He wouldn't implicitly say so. He gave me a very PC answer in terms of 2024. But it sounds to me like he believes there was fraud. But he believes the lift might be a little too big knowing what the great congressman just said My question to you. Is. Does the president just pull the plug at this point in concede and give the Democrats what they want? Or do you just, you know, is this one of those situations like when you're watching a cop movie like the Naked gun or even like Dirty Harry? Where you know he gets thrown off the job for so overzealously trying to solve the case. But even after he turns in his gun and badge, he goes home and there's something going at him and he just keeps looking and looking. And lo and behold, he finds the evidence is this one of those situations? Where the president should just stay on the case, because it is, you know much of a long shot. As it seems like At some point, he might slide open a file cabinet and Bingo. There's your answer, 887889910. We'll have more of your calls when we come back on Fox across America..

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