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It was things raised. He's a football player. He did it for fun I feel, but I just wanted to say one thing rob, I love you but Memorial Day it's not Veterans Day, so we're not. Appreciate and the people who are serving and did serve where appreciate the people who have lost their lives serving the country. Can't I want to make that distinction? Yes, that's fair. That's WANNA. Be Honorable. Yes, all right, thank you, Zach We. Keep it. Movin Isaac in New York. You're on the odd couple of Fox sports radio. Do you got? Guys first thing I. I gotTa say that The big question is guy is. Is Bill Belichick the the coach that want them to the super bowl or is it the Tom Brady? One. quarterback. Brady I. I feel it's Tom Brady. I believe the Tom Brady's GonNa. Go all the way you're gonNA. Prove everybody wrong I think he still has it I. I believe that Tom Brady is going to go all the way and I believe that Rob Gronkowski is not gonNA. Do Much. Rob Gronkowski's only there for support for Tom Brady I believe that you're going to see someone else stepping. It all next year. Watch and learn all right. Thanks for the call. Rob Real quickly. We got Jordan. Bella Check Gronkowski in Ann Arbor. No, that's why right let's go from California. I hope I'm pronouncing that right. You're on the odd couple of Fox sports radio. You got the last word on this. Show Rob Bernie. What's up? Razzano me, man, you got me back. Yeah happening. What's up man I'm here with my wife. She hates you. Because I was listening to your show, they were thought maybe. Is. Hey Don't hate your husband because he loves the couple. Come on, we need we need him. One about favorites. Rob I hate Tom Brady and he's a full tomfoolery. The clown are shocked. Gee with pants address like a janitor after time TV twelve is. Ball my God. Do you go read? I, mean to be disrespectful. You think safe got into GRANDPA's cough Syrup earlier today. I don't want to say that Tom. Brady's old, but I hear that the practice facilities move into the graveyard. The Sound Grad Rob. Is He so durable. It was good all right. Our Guys Sekou Smith from NBA. Joins us to talk about the potential return of the NBA, but I be sure to catch live editions of the odd couple.

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