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Is a developing story nearly three dozen victims of the pulse nightclub terror attack or planning to announce a big civil lawsuit later this morning we should get a copy of the lawsuit the news conference scheduled for eleven am at the dr phillips house in orlando and we'll tell you what happened during orlando's news at noon new audio i obtained by channel nine eyewitness news is revealing what markeith loyd is saying the police the night they arrested him after a nineday manhunt lloyd's charged with murdering orlando police lieutenant debra clayton and his pregnant exgirlfriend shoddy dixon about a month before completely saudi completely lloyd doesn't deny firing the fatal shots in the dixon what happened starting put a gun on me he claims he then took her gun put it in his back pocket but then her brother confronted him shoot i john beat me up but you won't be to talk to you investigation into the use of excessive force by the arresting officers is ongoing gene wexler news ninety six point five wdbo the presence up in tweeting he tweeted just moments ago here's what he had to say i isn't it ironic getting ready to go to the g seven in canada to for our country in trade off to singapore to meet with north korea and the nuclear problem back home though we still have thirteen angry democrats pushing the witch hunt president of russian president vladimir putin says russia's twelve world cup stadiums must be financially self sustaining not underwritten by the government he's telling callers the stadiums could add a cafes malls to make them more money putin doesn't his phone a phone in once a year you're listening to the eight am expanded newsfeed i'm marsha taylor or bringing new fifteenth street minutes of news weather and traffic with no commercials as leaders plan to hold.

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