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To the left full hundred and fifty two. April the agreement back twice. More only to see it fail. In what began to feel like the political equivalent of the Bill Murray comedy, groundhog day, Britain's began to refer to the country's political situation as an ominous shambles during yesterday's European parliamentary elections voters, expressed a mix of sympathy and exasperation with the prime minister Warrick bird, a former financier put it like this. I feel sorry for him one way. But a thought being doing out of account carry on doing this anymore. You know, I'm just fake to against the break wool, make included a resignation speech this morning by showing a vulnerable side. She'd all, but hidden from British voters. I will shortly leave the job that it is being the owner of my life to hold. The second female prime minister, but certainly not lost. I do so with no ill-will, but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country. I love tears in her eyes. The prime minister then turned and retreated behind the door of number ten Downing Street. Frank Langfitt, NPR news. London. To Boston now where the museum of fine arts is under scrutiny students on a field trip to the museum said they were racially profiled and harassed there. And as WBU ours. Christel garra reports the incident has spurred a conversation about how welcoming cultural institutions are for people of color. Thirteen year old David Thomson, worked really hard to make the honor roll this year as a reward for his good grades. He and a group of other middle schoolers from the Helen, white Davis, leadership academy would be going to the museum of fine arts on a field trip. This was David's second time at the museum and at first, he didn't really want to go, but his mom Kimberly encouraged him to attend. The a place where white people go, like I want him to understand that. I want to go on the trip I actually encouraged him going to go at I say, well, there's plenty to learn at the museum, what happened, according to the students and their teacher is that the group of all kids of color for profiled and harassed. It started. David says when a tour guide told them that no watermelon or grape juice would be allowed. No watermelons or juice. I think much of it when it happened. But then as when on I started to think why she was David teacher. Marlin Lami was chaperoning the kids at the museum. She says guards followed them from gallery to gallery. Wellbeing lax with a group of white students there, I should note that it wasn't just one specific security guard anytime we'd switch exhibits. It was almost like immediate like they'd leave their posts. And then start following us alert around the group of kids say, another museum visitor said and I quote there's expletive black kids, the trip was so upsetting the teachers cut short David's mother Kimberly one of the teachers came back. I'll cry. The students over the upset. He does say that. They felt uncomfortable. And he said to me, that's why he doesn't like going to white people play says, because he doesn't feel comfortable going after reviewing video footage. The museum band to members museum director, Matthew Teitelbaum says they investigated not to prove, whether it happened rather to implement consequences. When someone says that they must be right which is to say they must have had an experience that made them feel as though they didn't belong officials met with the students this week to apologize formally.

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