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He needs to be risky. Yeah. We started over Austin Eker. Yes. Let's see what happens above and Gordon would you start Jordy Nelson or Devin funchess. Funchess. Funches Jordy Nelson or Cortlandt Sutton. That's a good one. I I actually have them back to back. I'll go Jordan Jordy Nelson her Matt Brita. Jordy and PR Brita has not caught a pass and four games. Yeah. I mean breed has got a great chance here. If he's healthy ready to go Oakland. They are terrible against running backs. They allow five point one yards per carry two running backs the third most fantasy points to opposing running backs. Yeah. How excited are you about nap Rita? He's a number two running back on the week with sixteen on a by the. I don't even think he's a number two running back and PR, but and and non I I like him more than seven Coleman, but less than Jordan Howard and less than Doug Martin. But if he were healthy pretua healthy he'd be a must start, right? No. I don't know if I'd say must start Moster. If he were healthy, he would be most. I mean, I think he's almost are. Now, just again to give them the circumstances. And how would you compare Doug Martin? Same. So you had a both who just start breeder Martin freedom. I would start Martin which tied at Martin PR, sir. Which tight end do you like better kill cook? Kill but they're both in my top five in both back back. All right. Yeah. So don't get cute. Start started. That changes the better, though, if Beth out would you start the raiders? The awful raiders. I'd consider it. Their starting quarterback is better out. I honestly forgot Thomas something. Tom savage is their third string quarterback. I don't know if they'd may be upgrade him, but believe Nick Molen. Okay. Yeah. It's it's interesting. It's an interesting. Yeah. It's it's awful. It's case game's going to be terrible and Marcus Goodwin starter sit. Same thing with Beth, right? I think if Beth replace he's number three receiver with upside. If Beth 'Red is out, no chance. Yeah. I'm probably just sitting regardless. All righty that that does it for this terrible game. We got a lot more to talk about including our second sponsor the day who wants to remind you that starting CJ Beathard or his backup. Rather would be not smart starting. Jalen Sharda MPR would be smart using any company not names ZipRecruiter to find someone for your.

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