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Welcome back everybody to the RAM mature at podcast ahead of the weekend's meeting with Celta Vigo we'll take a look at the opposition on the game in a few minutes but firstly. What's been making the news across? The Peninsula will one name in particular as being gathering plenty of comments and call them eight live Tyler Martinez into Milan. The twenty two year old four to school at Seventeen goals in his forty seven games there is under contract until two thousand twenty three hasn't stopped. All of the speculation has been rife this week. His agent. It says it's being on many European to to address the best destination for his flat next season. Rob Madrid Barcelona Manchester City all potential destinations. It said the replay very nearly remember landed in Real Madrid back in two thousand eighteen but Athletico at the time actually declined to sign him. Argentinian media reported that Madrid are happy to play the release clause which is around one hundred fifteen million euro and top any contract to over in order to get them on for next season any downside of causes that he would be the fifth non EU player alongside of Venecia's Mealy Tout Rodriguez and the later signing renegade another name continuing to be linked with remedied for next season. Is that all at water cam a vignette attracting headlines this week with the view that Madrid will bid for the seventeen year old in the summer. It's a player that Z. Dan allegedly considers to be the long term replacement for Casimiro. Interesting story appeared about the Abi Leipzig Karen Koehler. Julian negatives man. He's revealed in an interview today. That in the summer of two thousand eighteen he was contacted about the possibility of taking over from Sudan Round Madrid. He said I was very surprised but after weighing it up I didn't really feel comfortable. I want to improve and if you go to round Madrid. There is no time to do that. Simply don't have the opportunity to become better because you have to be the best from the moment that you first arrive. A fairly extensive interview with Venecia's has appeared and he was asked about life in general Raam Madrid octave. He'd ever thought about leaving the past year. He said it's never entered my head in football things change very quickly. You must remain calm. I am on his relationship with Z. Dan He said he always gives me confidence wherever I see and speak to him on the media in general in Spain he said I see so many changes of opinion. Like I'm very very quickly in November. I was one of the worst flares here now. He said just a few months zone. I'm set to be one of the best. Florentino Perez has an extra spring in his step in the last forty eight hours after reports across. Europe have suggested that will pop up wants to return to Italy next season which means the went another summer of angst and standoff between Peres and Z. Dan Hoping that he could persuade his champion to actually change his mind and sign now for tzu-dan to give up on this and simply move on still lots of discussion and speculation about a Hamas were brigades futures. Some believing it is a make weight in potential deals to secure some of the sun high profile signings names including Martinez at into fabulous res at Napoli a Vanderbeek ISO even emba- pay at PS G. He will need to make his mind up quickly. It'd be twenty nine this July. Especially if he wants to get back into the national team is what? He's not played since the nil. Nil Chile lost June in COPA. America and Sudan is actually toped better that they must be more realistic in the fee that they're expecting to get from it and if you look back over the last four seasons you can see why thirteen nineteen thirty four. The number of games that he started in the last four seasons on other with a big decision still to make is Iskoe who will shore sleaze celebrate his twenty eighth birthday. He set two short of his two hundred appearance around Madrid. Since signing in twenty thirteen despite the increased involvement and the praise of late is still being linked with moves away Manchester City Chelsea and Arsenal pondering sixty million plus deals but Awesome can be almost immediately because any place he moved to would be a club that was playing Champions League football. And the other thing is despite all these reports linking him to clubs in England. He's always maintained. He doesn't particularly want to play in the Premier League. Lastly Donnie Vanderbeek again has been talking about the speculation surrounding his future. He said that there is no deal with Madrid. Nick Saban. He goes on to say it makes no sense. I can't control what people say. It is very premature. I've said many times I will not hurry. I'm fine here. Let's move onto this weekend's meeting with Celta Vigo the predicted line this weekend. Coo Trois. Mendy Rams Vote Kaba Hall Madras Casimiro Crews Valverde Venecia's and Benza Friday trading Hamas rejoin the first team to train but he will not be called into the squad at eat in has autism completed another week of trading. We've no issues to report so it's expected he will be involved in the matchday squad. There are some speculating today. In particular that is still some way. Short of full fitness and the remedied simply. Hurrying him back to quickly Gareth. Bale has a sprain on re little finger of his right hand despite this he is available should z. Dan Wanted Himself Vigo. Start Down in seventeenth place. This weekend. their away record. This season is poor. Just one victory on the road at that was at Villarreal back in November. They've won a couple of away games in the car but that was against lower league. Opposition The Cup Games aside they managed to school one. Go on just two occasions this season away from home that was Villarreal and again the following week nine different players overall of scored for them. This season IAGO is top scorer with eight the thirty two year old must be underestimated Liverpool. Fans might remember him. He spent a season at Anfield back in two thousand thirteen. Fourteen played fourteen games. He didn't score. Improperly is any goal for them was against Oldham in the third round of the FA caton since he's returned via severe where he went on a one season loan. He was back here at twenty. Fifteen scored eighty three goals. Ten different plays of provided assist for the new season. No one player has provided more than two discipline. Fifty eight yellow of four red cards season overall. They held the majority of possession in all the games they played on average this season fifty two point. Three present in that post completion rate is relatively high as well for a team. That is struggling at eighty. One point four percents now. It's been a story of late goals conceded this season mandate school for Celta Vigo just short of thirty five percent of everything that they've conceded of. Come in the final fifteen minutes that said forty two percent of everything. They've scored also come within that time frame as well Overall then it's the twelfth meeting between the two Madrid of one sixty three to celtics thirty one th seventeen draws nowadays to love this position twenty goals. He scored over the years against them The last win for Celta Vigo was in bed obey The del Rey quarterfinal stage back in January of Twenty. Seven was the coach. I go actually school that day along with also last win in the League. Twenty thirteen fourteen two goals in the Brazilian Charles that day and the last win in Madrid in the League guys back to November two thousand and six Fabio Capello. Steve would beaten by two goals to one of late. Madrid of school at fifteen goals in the last four games. All of which have been one and Gulls. Well there's almost a guarantee these two meet. They're all going to be goal scored the last time there was a nil nil in this fixture. You gotta go all the way back to nineteen eighty nine and that just about wraps up then for today's round up we will be back next week on Tuesday until then you can catch up with all of the previous episodes of this podcast going back over the last eighteen twenty months so so via the website. Www DOT rabbits at podcast dot com or via Anchor FM. Google stitcher itunes all spotify a joy the match on Sunday and have a great weekend until next week for me Tim capable by..

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