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Alternating On the bridge until they move it off in Virginia 3 95 95 66 each running well, Bob in the double d t o p traffic and now to Storm Team four meteorologist Let's see who the way who do we have tonight? Um, Mike Stanford. There is that winter weather advisory Far northern and Western suburbs until seven in the morning on Tuesday, But there's not gonna be much ice accumulation across most of the regime. You're really gonna get about 1500 ft. Have any real problems of ice. So some rain showers nights and patchy fog. Rain could be mixing some freezing rain across the northern and western suburbs. But for the most part, Isis not could be a big deal for us the brain's gonna end by sunrise on always being the low to mid thirties. Racial Probably. They're mostly cloudy on Tuesday. A breezy day could be a passing shower in the afternoon and has a bee in the mid forties to lower fifties. Skies will cloud up after some morning sun on Wednesday. As being the mid thirties. We'll see Snow developing Western and will continue on Thursday. May makes us sleep in freezing rain highs on Thursday. I'll be in the thirties, partly sunny by Friday, with highs in the low to mid forties. I'm storm team for meteorologist Mike Stanford 35. Now in Sterling 36 in Oxon Hill 36 degrees of the WARF in D. C. Brought to you by patient First physicians, X rays, lab tests and prescription drugs. 20 D C Metro area medical centers. It's 7 40 of far right Social Media network that went dark after the Capitol riot. Has found a new online home that was on Web services suspending parlor after reports that some of the capital rioters used the platform to organize their activities. Google and Apple also.

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