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He had been down as luck, but he was back and Margaret gays, the greatest Marvin Gaye, Marvin Gaye. And it does go back to if you think of like these are I turned on the the tonight show last night and Aerosmith is playing. These dudes are all pretty much the same age could still be there a now. Marvin Gaye probably isn't going to change the musical landscape in a way that that Hendricks would have you never know dude, but you but he would have I want him there so he could have been appreciated. The level of he could have received the level of pre she deserved. It's crazy how many of these, you know about the twenty seven club. Everybody always talk about. It's like Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain. They all died at the age of twenty seven years old kirks one that a lot of people would probably throw out the EMMY y, now's died at twenty seven years old. A lot of very famous famous person. Jean, Michel Basquiat. The painter was twenty seven, I believe in twenty. That's four years ago for me. Man, like fish. Book. There's just so much potential to get washed in a lot of these people just to be, you know, straight up about it died from drug abuse in alcoholics us or gang involvement or whatever the fuck is just not necessary, man. So take care, take care of yourselves and not only that if you're in a position where you have the opportunity to try and take care of a legend or somebody who's soaring like Jimi Hendrix was whatever fucking keep an eye on that person. We need them around. It's important. Hit us with those two. If you've got your agreed you celebrities that you you would bring back that that died too young tweeden Snapchat him, but we'll put him up man. I think that's a cool topic of debate and I'm sure people a lot of you'll have a lot of really good ones that you throw away and we could share with everybody's please do. Next segment hotline calls are hotline numbers. Eight w. bolan you can call it anytime any day. It's voicemail. So if you mess up just hang up and call back, I will delete the one. You messed up. It is no big deal. You can ask us questions. Give segment recommendations. Give constructive criticism about the show. Tell me how I was wrong about something correct us whatever you wanna do, the hotline hotlines there at your disposal. Eight r. bolan I picked out four calls for today's show. Here's the first one. Hey, Bill, Mike. Grads, exhibition, man. This is Shaun from east Tennessee. I gotta. Yeah, that was something run by here. So I've been dating this girl for about going up on a year. Spring break came around last year with the day to couple of months then, but her like four sorority sisters rent and stayed at a. Condo with about five or six other Fred guys? I'm out of school. I work for a living. I make the money supplied the money for this. I wasn't invited so was kind of cool. I mean, she probably planned it before before me, so cool. It was a little weird her guys stuff, but you know, so this is coming up the planning's coming around. So I'm like, yeah, it was fun. The last one and I like to go, you know, get some vacation time. I'd like to take a little break here, but I don't think I'm it. So I mean, I don't know if I should be mad or what the deal is. Let's see your input. I mean. A little upset, but I mean, you think keep a pod now, love it..

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