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I really i really over the lake vaccine. Hesitancy i know on like chucky than last week. There was someone who was like. Oh we have to be nice. Were vaccine hesitant because they may have good reasons. Fuck no people like that should be absolutely embarrassed and humiliated that they are like a soap privileged in their life that they have never had to see a pandemic so destructive that they are able to be like skeptical. And that's us by the is cynical. Probably better term cynical about the effectiveness of vaccines. It's just. I have no like empathy for people like that until you live in a country where your best bet is to go. Rob cowshed on yourself like boohoo. Take the fucking job. Get over it matter how i feel just the closest out for us. I mean it's just another. Another example of how science helps get as out of pandemics in religion gets rubbing couch it on our bodies like in anybody just walking in and tuning in at that moment would think that we're exaggerating. I to assure you that this is not an rubbing couch at all over. This is this is what is literally going on again. The lincoln down in the description for those who don't believe us make sure you have a a firm stomach and you're not drinking any orange soda because it's just that's just i can't even anyway or ground beef or ground or just yeah. It's as much as i want to respect people's religious beliefs turning it into a public health risk. That crosses the line for me. Now respect that. I'm sorry yeah so so now we have we have. I would go suffice to call this the most recent new segment that we have. It's so new that we have never been able to come up with an interstitial for it instead. I have the best ever interstitial of it here which is now in color. We now have a color interstitial step in the right direction and as previously stipulated whenever cynthia is on the show Cynthia mcfadden's sing so cynthia. If you could please lead us into the next segment. Sure and i will do it with percussion to step in the right direction on step in the right direction. Step in the right direction. Let's deaf there in the right direction. Okay so it's new. Look we have no budget okay. We have to work with the props so we had. I'd grabbed a sharpie ten minutes before we start typing and he started trying a song that i had eddie right to it is we just need to get like a proper backing track for it of jessica if you please lead us. We're recover from the giggles. I'd never had the gig bob now. I got this guy. we're going home. Stop giggling in my ears about looking at you. So we're in..

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