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This is How the territorial situation looked when the war actually ended. There are no allied soldiers on German territory. This is not like World War two at all, and the Germans have control of enormous swaths of part of the old Russian empire. In fact, the Germans air telling themselves we may be losing here, but we won there. Okay when they appeal. What's really interesting is everybody in the United States and in Britain and France expect the president to reject their appeal. And he stuns everyone. Instead of rejecting their appeal. He asked them a question. What he asks is really important. He says. I need to know if you really accept that the 14 points. Do you understand that? If we end this war, we're gonna end it in a way that it cannot be resumed and number three. I want to ask you a question. Who does your German government speak for? Does it speak for the old classes? The Yonkers, the Imperial Party who have led this war, or do you speak for the people? What happened was three weeks of note Exchange. And by the way, if you didn't know this, it's all public. All of these air scent on Claire in the radios, papers all over the world are getting these on their front page. You can look at your hometown newspaper. It's on the front page of the Kansas start. I'm just using the front page of the New York Times because it is easier to get all of these notes are here. Then notice that on October the 12th. The Germans replied. They say, Well, okay, we want you know we're accepting the 14 points and we want you to know that we agree that we will evacuate British, French and Belgian territory, and we want you to know that our new Government speaks for the German people. At that point, everybody says, Okay, well, she's going to call it off now. And he stuns everybody By replying again. He says. Okay, I want you to know that we'll make peace on Lee with our supremacy and buy what you need to stop these you but worse because there were two ships over something. 800 people dead. They said. If you're serious about peace, you're gonna knock this stuff off. And he said, by the way, have you written a speech that I gave at non Vernon this year? You're about how this war will not end until it overthrows every arbitrary power. Germany says a couple of days later, Okay, We've stopped U boats and we want you to know we've changed our constitution before now. Chancellor was hired and fired only by the emperor. We have now made the chancellor responsible to the Parliament. You see what the Germans are doing? They're doing one of the most complicated strategy. Standard war I have ever heard of first reach out to what you think of yourself. This opponent second started democratizing revolution that you hope won't get out of control in order to win favor with the liberal leader of that softer power. Yeah. In October 23 Wilson replies, he says, Okay, well, now talk to the allies about giving you an armistice. But I want to make it really clear about a key point. If we will have to deal with the military autocrats of Germany who started and continued this war now or in the future, then we cannot discuss negotiations. I want your surrender. What in the world all the way Through this. There are two people who are volcanic in their anger at the president. They are Theodore Roosevelt, ex president who won the Nobel Peace Prize and Senator Henry Cabot Lodge. What are they angry about? Watch says to the Senate and the opening debate about the president's note diplomacy. If we stop the war now we've lost it. Watch says. If we do not defeat the German army on German soil in front of the German people, they will never admit it. And we will have to fight a war like this again in 20 years. Cuter, Roosevelt says. A premature peace before the issues are really settled means another war in 12 years did original also says I don't agree with this democracy talk. I have admired German progressivism, but it's time for us to say honestly. The German people have been de, botched and corrupted by imperialism. They have supported the German government all the way through this war. Therefore, it doesn't make sense to hope that if the German people take over Germany, we're going to get a peaceful Germany. I favor putting this war all the way through to its brutal end, just like Lincoln decided in 18 65. And then both Theodore Roosevelt Henry Cabot Lodge sees something that turns out to be absolutely crucial. The future peace will depend on whether or not the United States has a strong alliance with France and Britain, not international law, not democracy. Whether or not there will be peace depends on the balance of power and America's commitment to it. Now there's what Woodrow Wilson is thinking he'd given a famous speech. A year and a half before a couple of months before United States into the war, where that kid who had gone through the defeated South was remembering something. The only way to get to peace is to have a peace without victory. If we have full complete military victory, it will mean a piece forced upon the loser of Victor's terms imposed upon the vanquish It would be accepted in humiliation under duress. You see where this is coming from? A few weeks later, he asked the American Congress to declare war to make the world safe for democracy. And Theodore Roosevelt says, I told you this man does not know what he's talking about. How the world can he give a speech like that, where he doesn't see any moral issue involved in trying to stop Germany and its outrages? And then a few weeks later, give a speech calling for a war for democracy all over the planet..

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