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You tell someone you need to lose fifty pounds when a doctor says that again there's no good playbook for them to do that it's so much more important to focus on getting remaining healthy and that might involve eating more healthily it will definitely involve exercising more but you might not see those fifty pounds come off you might see ten come off it's more important to maintain that than to lose another forty by using unhealthy weight loss strategies dr bulich how can we recognize an eating disorder which as you pointed out might not be so obvious and then what should we do about it so again if someone hasn't binge eating problem you're going to see food disappearing you might find wrappers and places you don't expect them you might find food in the car just evidence of someone perhaps having out of control eating if someone has anorexia you're likely to see weight loss remembering always that it could be someone who's very overweight who doesn't get emaciated but yet loses a lot of weight and has all the signs of starvation the most important thing is to get an evaluation people think that if you go in for an evaluation that that's the end of it you're going to be in therapy for the rest of your life not necessarily the case you want a professional a psychologist a psychiatrist even a dietitian if that makes people feel more comfortable cast their professional is over you to say yeah this is something we need to do some work on to get you out of this pattern and nothing will make a parent feel more comfortable than having that professional advice and knowing that there's someone they can go to to get answers about whether their concerns are well placed and what they need to do i'm guessing that a lot of people who have an eating disorder think it's their fault and so there's a lot of self loathing in the case if people who are really overweight but perhaps also for people who are really underweight and are suffering for manor xia how do we get them out of that rut in one of the things that i often say is the most important thing in treating people with eating disorders aside from the renew arrangement for people with anorexia and stopping the binging and purging is to get them to see themselves as i see them because i often see these really interesting often accomplished warm loving people who so deserve to have a place in the world but when they look at themselves in the mirror that's not what they see and so in some ways the most fulfilling part of psychotherapy is to bring these people around to see the beauty inside of them that they can't see that's hard to do if they're actively engaged in eating disorder behaviors but once you get past that there's still some work to do you know since who have anorexia for four five six years they miss a lot of the developmental milestones that the rest of our kids are going through so there's still a lot of repair there's still a lot of reliving and there's still a lot of rebuilding of their self esteem that's really important them important to bring them back to sort of a high level of functioning and realizing that they really do deserve to be here and live afl filling life doctor cindy.

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