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And it's just to raise awareness in considering the we are in Tucson. I mean, we're right on the border, but people are being affected by this all over the country. It's not just border states. You know this. I know this. That's the way it is. And we have an angel mom with us Agnes. Given me I read about your story. Way too many angel families out there way too, many Agnes. Thank you for joining us this morning. I appreciate it. Thank you so much for having of course. And and I thought your story was extremely interesting from your background and everything and let's go back because this happened in two thousand to your son. Ronald right. Tell us what happened. My son had gone over to drop off some food for his children and his girlfriend hadn't gotten home. And he was about to leave when he noticed somebody coming behind his friend. And he said who is that and he turned around, and that instantly he fired the gun that was intended for his friend, and my son got the bulletin, the arm traveled across his chest and several the main artery, and he died in surgery. He literally led to that. Oh god. And and and the person that did this an illegal alien, correct? Yeah. He's been previously deported had along a gang member. I had a long history of arrests. No kidding. Yes. So long history arrest gang member. This happened two thousand to correct. So again, this is not just something that happened last year two years ago, this this is this is sixteen years ago for goodness sakes in my heart broken. I'm fighting and bringing attention to this issue because this individual will be released from prison in April two thousand twenty thanks to our liberal courts in California. He was going for first degree murder or second degree. The judge convinced him to take a plea bargain for voluntary manslaughter which carries a maximum eleven years, plus ten years for using a firearm, which now our governor Jerry Brown to take gun enhancement charges away. So gangs can use guns freely. They won't get the additional so plastic straws are bad. Yes. The gun there there. Okay. Yes. This is this is this is incredible. This this is terrible. So this this happened to your son this illegal alien out of nowhere gang member. You name it. Are you in touch with anybody? In the California state government. And he prosecutors are they going to try to deport him. As soon as he is out. Well, he has an ice hold which in California means absolutely because it's a sanctuary state. And that doesn't mean anything. So literally California Department corrections could release them because they're not turning over inmates to ice. I'm trying to get a detainers on him. So they would be forced to turn him over to ice. Then you go through a process and possibly be deported. But here's the problem if he's deported who say's gonna come back again. And because I'm very vocal about this. I'm afraid is going to come after me or my family or my two surviving children my two daughters Norma or anybody in my family. So I live in this constant fear in my own country that I have to protect myself and my family because my government is not now, by the way, this is this is just an incredible incredible story Agnes, you're telling this to us. And what really drew me to you? Besides all these stories is the fact that you came to this country as a legal immigrant exactly escaped a horrific situation back in Hungary, talk about that. Yes. I was two years old when my parents straight to leave Hungary, and they got caught because I woke up in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere crying. So they got caught they took everything away from them but did not arrest them. So in January nineteen fifty seven they went for the border again, which was with former Yugoslavia, and they were able to cross this time they gave me a concussion to fall asleep. My mother's friend worked at a pharmacy. So we were in the refugee camp for about nine ten months. We wanted to come to United States. But because my father was born in Yugoslavia, they wanted to stay in my mother said, no. So they refused to allow us to go to the American embassy. So we'll give three choices South Africa, Austria or Brazil. We're going to Brazil where we lived for thirteen years. And mind you as a stateless, meaning we didn't belong anywhere because Hungary and government took or citizenship away. And when we immigrated to United States legally, we my PIN supply twice which the location expired to time they were successful. They follow through and we legally immigrated to the United States my father job contract. He had they had the sign documents stating that we would not apply for any public assistance. And we assimilated we learn the language not none of us spoke any English. We learn the language I'm a US citizen, and I honestly can say this is my home my country. I took my oath of citizenship extremely seriously to defend my country gives foreign and domestic invaders in illegal aliens or invaders. Yes, they are. So I'm assuming sincere to apply twice. How I mean? How long was the whole situation for your family to try to to come here legally? So it took thirteen. Eighteen thirteen years. As soon as you got to Brazil, you tried every single time. No. Every now, and then they they they applied and I'm not sure exactly how how long, but I think they give you a process of. I'm not sure six months a year in if you don't go back in the kitchen, just the the close the files so thirteen years to come here legally, my parents never gave up the sacrificed so much to come to this country to give us my brother and myself, a better life, and this crime didn't just affect me as his as Ronald's mother. But my brother, and my only sibling had a massive stroke, four months after from the overwhelming and died. I can't even I mean, how do you? How do you? Hold on. How do you get the strength? I have faith in this country that Americans in the politicians will open their eyes. And I think. Thanks to President Trump will beginning to come to that point. And we're far gone. We have really gotten away for the past like twenty thirty years that immigration laws weren't enforce and now thank God. We're on the right track. And I just wish that the congress would work with our president to to bring these laws to enforce the laws. I mean, we have immigration laws just enforce it. Yeah. I got to just try it. Listen, drives me nuts. And I didn't come here from another country. And I didn't lose anybody. I can't imagine what it does to you. And again, just you know, every time I I come to this. I talked to angel families just go through this. I don't know how you do it. We were you just I mean banging your head against the wall for I mean since two thousand two dealing with people in California was anybody on your side in California, actually, the politicians avoid me, the get to know my face get to know my name, and I just saw one of the politicians in California. And they said, you you defending DACA recipients. Well, they have dreams, and so did my son does anybody care about my my son's dreams in the thousands of Americans that are killed, you know, at the hands of illegal aliens, we can't import crime who have climbing our country in another hypocrisy that I get is. Well, it could have been an American could have. But it wasn't don't you? Don't you hate that? These people just shouldn't be here. It's not it's not anything with race. It's not anything like that at all. And you know, and and the media loves to do the whole. Switching of immigrant and illegal immigrant and calling them all immigrants. I tell you that makes me so angry. I say illegal alien period, not undocumented immigrants, the would immigrants should not be put after whatever they wanna call them undocumented D league, or whatever they are not immigrants. Immigrants is somebody who follows law incomes here legally. So your dad Agnes given me she's with angel families. And she unfortunately, lost her son in two thousand and two to the hands of an illegal alien gang member deported the deported. Previously criminal record you name it, and this is in California. So again, you you said that he he's out in twenty twenty possibly and. At least twenty twenty parole because he had a determinate sentence. Actually, he's really stayed with have been June of twenty four twenty four. And now, it's April second. So it's getting shorter and shorter unafraid to call check periodically because I it just changes from time to time. So, you know, next time, I call my January of two thousand twenty and and you're and you're afraid that he might find you and your family. Yes. Do you ever think about just leaving California? Whatever little bit of family that I have left. My two nephews my niece, my two daughters live in California where in my parents, or my brother, and my son or am I going to go zone is a nice state. We have nice dry weather. We like people like good people. We need more. Good people. Thank you, just because it's just it seems like it's such a mess out. There was talk about your your parents because. We get this. Listen, we're in Tucson, and you drive in certain areas in Tucson billboards are in Spanish, and this is in Spanish, and you could speak whatever language wanna I'm from Long Island New yorker. And we had you know, there was the Greek part of queens. And it was you know, these Chinatown is little there's all these areas, and I get it. And it's okay to embrace your culture embrace your coach fantastic. But but you have to speak English because it's the country on top of that. It's the best way for you to succeed. Is that the message of your parents gave you? Oh, absolutely. I it's really ironic because when I was English is taking English as a second language, I learned Spanish because everybody in my class was from from. And I speak Portuguese from Brazil and speak Hungarian because that's what it was. But I learned Spanish I taught myself Spanish I bought dictionary. Because everybody in my class was from Lebanon country from Mexico. And and I cannot understand that somebody lives here for twenty years. Ten fifteen twenty thirty forty years in cannot speak the language to me. It is absolutely unbelievable that they did not assimilate. They did not respect this country enough to learn.

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