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A bunch of questions. Lee plays on the left side with matt barzal on the islanders top line. He's a terrific net front guy's a monster and he's got really soft hands on that power plays very effective. They're so now the money becomes available. Do try and find a player like him or do you try and address to needs like it's it's it's going to be interesting because there's not much time left here and i guess if there's anything to it it's at the lee injury happened before the deadline and not after but they do that cap space. I can't imagine is going to go unused now. That's not lose style. He'll i that's too good a team too good at team. You're right no different than caldas. Dubers- acknowledging wanting to bolster the lineup in toronto to reward the players the staff lula Feel the same way. But barry trotz in the new york islanders. All right that wraps up headlines interviewed today with ottawa. Senators goaltender joey to is brought to you by our friends at cool bed. Dot co check out all the latest odds play fund sports and top casino games for free at kubat dot. Co you must be nineteen and gobert remind you stay. Cool always ingraham's hockey podcast. What a week for. Joey deplored and the ottawa senators on sunday. Joey part of a big victory over the toronto maple leafs recording his first. Nhl win as a bona fide. Nhl goaltender join joins us on the podcast. I mean it's not like you're you're new. This more plainly stretcher new to the national hockey league joy but as you acknowledging your postgame interview with which by the way was terrific i mean. It's it's such an accomplishment to earn your first. nhl win house symbolic of for you wasn't in terms of the journey and i'll big. Was that moment. Yeah it was like. I said it was incredibly special and It really just put in perspective for me. Everything that that it took to get to where i am today. And all the people and all the places i've been and all the ups and downs it's You know you don't really realize how long they wrote. It is especially when you're a kid you know you wanna play in the nhl and for me. I remember my first goal before the job just wanted to play division one college hockey. You know it's just such a long road and you know. I'm i'm a rookie so Hopefully got a long way to go. Your who's your guy growing up. Who was who was the goalie you wanted to be. Well there's a couple. I mean it changed a lot especially as a kid and you're watching watching hockey so much but my first ever guy was like ever was byron defoe. My dad had him when he was going coach for the bruins. And i remember. He had the stars on his pads. The gold stars My first ever little mini hockey set a path..

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