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Suffer from any chronic illness if you've had cancer or heart disease or autoimmune disease or digestive issues or any basically anything that isn't sorted through your regular doctor or you have to take a bunch of pills to fix it this is a show that's going to matter to you because we have is our guest an extreme physician one of my a close friends and physicians here at the Ultra WanNa Center Dr Elizabeth Boheme so Elizabeth has quite a story I I met her when she came to work in Kenya ranch out of residency when she just recovered from breast cancer and we're going to get into that story minute but just the background and Liz Liz is the person who should be a model for what a doctor is not only she empathetic as she smarts heck but she's also been trained as an exercise physiologists any registered Dietitian and a physician so she's got it all covered and she went to Cornell and Columbia is well trained and has been working with me for Gosh twenty years now so I think we have at the ultra wanted center probably close to sixty plus years of experience in functional medicine with our physicians here which really doesn't exist anywhere else in the world and she has been working here treating our most difficult nations getting extraordinary results she sees the power of nutrition every day in her practice transform our patients and she's just out there in the world teaching and a huge leader in the space of functional medicine on the Faculty of the Institute for Folks Medicine She's written for Textbooks Textbook Family Medicine the obesity chapter she's been featured on the uh show Huffington post chocolate magazine experienced life she's creating extraordinary dvd out of her own experiences called breast wellness tools. event and he'll from breast cancer which explores a functional medicine approach to keeping your breasts and your whole body well which by the way are connected so welcome Liz thank you so much it's so great to be here with all of your listeners and really it's been amazing working with you for twenty years so let's start right in you were a young trainy physician you were thirty years old yes and who thinks a third year old is GonNa get breast cancer but that's what happens so tell us what happened yeah so I was thought I was really healthy as you mentioned I was you know studying exercise physiology nutrition and I was in medical school I was in my residency but I was definitely practicing what I preach to you know I was I was trying to take as good care for myself as I thought I could and I didn't have any family history of breast cancer so when they told me twenty years ago that at the age of thirty was this triple negative aggressive breast cancer undefined you will love her I had a lump I had a lump I was actually I was actually doing breast exams because I was trying to figure out how to do on on women and my patients so I was practicing on myself not thinking I was going to find breast cancer but just like oh I've got to figure out how to teach women had to do breast self exams and so I would say the month before it wasn't there I mean from my ability to feel it and then following month it was and my husband was like you really need to get that checked out like really you think so he's like Oh yeah yeah yeah and he's not a doctor you're not no usually carrying husband he's just sort of sorta wakes me up sometimes and so I was really lucky because I had I worked with a breast surgeon I wanted my rotations I had my my friends who are my attending so they just sort of brought me through the system really quickly which is which is good because I had a pretty aggressive form of breast cancer so the timing was really made a big difference for me in terms of how well I did so I went through a bunch of Treatment Chemotherapy and radiation and everything but as a as a celebration my last round of chemotherapy my mom brought me ranch in Lenox Massachusetts and she brought me a mother daughter weekend and had no hair I just remember remember your mind really really short I was swimming in that amazing pool there and my mom went to a lecture on osteoporosis because she needs to work bone density and met Doctor Cindy Guyer who been she had an appointment with our and being an amazing mom like she is she said to her you know my daughter I would really like to come and do a rotation without asking you how she just knew that I just loved it there so when I got home and droid finished some more treatment I got I ended up hooking up with in doing rotation here and that's when I first met you and my hair was just coming in it was sort of like a little bit l. e. insured right when it's starting to come in and and that just blew my mind and a few years later I was lucky enough to to get a job Alan Canyon ranch where you know working with with you and toddler penis and Kathy swift and and Cindy Guyer and just was phenomenon that's when I went to the first ifm course AF MCP and totally blew me away because as anybody who's kind of medicine and clinical practice thank you yeah that first week long course in in functional medicine and and anybody who's kind of gone through this whole cancer thing or just got no disease or gotten a diagnosis that sort of throws you back you're like why would this happen to me I really wanted to ask that question why because I didn't I didn't want it to happen again and I wanted to recover from it and I wanted to help my patients get better and not you know in a figure this whole thing out and functional medicine really helped me put all those pieces together you know my my nutrition background with my medical school training and figure out just just why things may have gone wrong in my body walk got out of balance I was eating right and exercising but what was wrong with with what I was doing because functional medicine really looks at Okay let's personalize this to the individual you know you may have breast cancer but the reason why you got breast cancer may be very different from why somebody else breast cancer breast cancers in the same right not at all and even if you take triple negative breast cancers right there be multiple different reasons why different people get that disease and you know what was going on in my body and so just learning functional medicine helped me figure out okay you know maybe I was eating well and exercising not for some people that's a really important area that we focus on in terms of prevention of cancer but for me we needed to I needed to focus on you know managing my stress better right or helping my body detoxify we can talk about that more later in terms of like very nations in terms of your genetics and I'm not that great of a Metabol- detoxifier I had to manage some heavy metals of my body and your hormones have to be metabolize absolutely plays a big role in cancer absolutely right and I have a variation one of my jeans that impacts how I do that too so so we needed to focus on that in my digestives system was a mess way too many antibiotics as a kid for chronic urinary track and we know that women who get any box a higher risk of breast cancer they do they absolutely do and we also just to draw the connection we know that your gut bacteria play a big role in hormone metabolism and what's get absorbed the how the hormones get broken down and yet guts mess at whole system gets messed up absolutely absolutely and and even our our our bugs in our gut impact how we're able to take certain foods so those fighter nutrients those amazing components of our our plant foods and tournaments even more healthy opponents that help us with metabolism and detoxification and so so it has a huge impact on our risk they've even done some studies looking at the microbiome breast tissue so when they compare rests cancer microbiome two women who've had you know abreast Shen and they've looked at their microbiome the bugs and their breast tissue it's very different so so even the even the of course the gut the gut bugs make a difference but it's you know we're going to learn more about the bugs in all parts of our body fluence their microbiome in your breast tissue yeah influence doing things so yeah and I was on just crazy amounts of antibiotics as a kid which really unfortunately impacted so many aspects of my my health so so when I went to the training in functional medicine it was like this big Aha right that every says in it really just was like okay I can I can use this way of gang this different way of thinking to help myself and to help my patients to to really add things to their care it's so it's powerful and breast cancers calm one and eight women in the United States will develop invasive breast cancer over their lifetime and there's two thousand Nineteen Samedi two hundred sixteen thousand six hundred new cases of invasive breast cancer and on about sixty two thousand cases of non-invasive breast cancer and you know you mentioned Komo had radiation which is important you need to deal with the issue or surgery whatever you need yeah but then the doctors go well we're going to active surveillance and that means they're going to follow the mammograms or Moore is or whatever it's just kind of watchful waiting as opposed to doing it anything it's really inactive surveillance doesn't say why did this happen Yup and we changed the conditions in the human body that may prevent it from recurring yeah and it's just like this blank space that happens after you had cancer I remember one came to see me she had three different cancers and nobody said well gee maybe there's something going on this one's bite it's making a good home for cancer how do we change that and make it inhospitable for cancer Sir and we found all sorts of stuff to deal with that she had never addressed and that the doctors never thought about and that's the beauty of medicine and that's when you said for yourself you figured out your gut was yes you're you're in detoxifying genetics off so how did you fix that yeah how do you create a terrain in your body right that's soil where cancers less likely to grow and so when when I'm working with somebody who's had cancer or any disease but let's look at breast cancer for here you know when you take that function medicine approach you want to look at look good all aspects of their health to personalise their treatment plan for them so what can they do to create this healthier terrain where the cancer's not gonna come back or where they can even attack the cancer they're dealing with now better so of course always start with those lifestyle factors right you wanNA make sure that they're getting good rest and sleep and and eating the right foods you know avoiding all that extra sugar and and refined carbs and getting a lot of fiber in their diet and sugar in refined doctors we're on colleges tell their patients that have ice cream milkshakes you know don't lose way right I mean it's feeding the cancer absolutely right and and get it making sure they're doing some movement exercise managing their stress we pay attention to the the the mind the emotional the spiritual aspect that impacts how the body is working how the body is is able to heal and then we look for all chronic disease so that's just like six go deeper so you go deeper and then you go and look at you look at how all the different systems in the body are interrelated and influencing that terrain right so like we were talking about with breath blood sugar and insulin we make sure that those that somebody doesn't have any signs of insulin resistance or that pre prediabetes that we know increases his risk of cancer obesity and cancer link diabetes absolutely people don't understand that yeah and and even and even before somebody gets diabetes right that whole period of time where there where where we were too many doctors are missing the Metabolic Syndrome prediabetes time where rate of answer is much much higher so even blood sugars normal but the insulin is high the bodies resistant to their insulin there the bodies making more insulin than it needs ooh that can per your belly fat grove but it also makes cancer grow yes and it's not just breast cancer prostate cancer and colon cancer and lungs cancer you know cancer all respond to higher levels of insulin and so the half of the people in this country have prediabetes and I don't know it and I would bet it's more because we have about seventy five percent of the population overweight yup I mean it's probably three quarters of the population yet has some version of insulin resistance abuse and even if somebody's not really overweight if they're over fat right if they're that Towfighi right but then on the fat on the inside if you're if you're over fat or much weight around the belly there you're also at high risk for insulin resistance is killer it is a killer so we always focus on insulin and insulin resistance you we pay attention to the GUT microbiome was we were talking about and we also looked to see is there anything causing inflammation in the body because we know that cancer likes to grow in the face of inflammation studies show that when CRP that marker for inflammation one of the biomarkers for inflammation higher than cancer is more likely to grow yeah and so whatever we can do to make sure that there's no other reasons inflammation going on in the body that I think really important to focus on so we test for signs of inflammation and we looked to lower inflammation we also focus on what can we do to strengthen your immune system right how do we strengthen those natural killer cells which we know that can go and find abnormal cells and get rid of them you know how do we how do we do that with with a certain transcend absolutely mushrooms and then we then we focus a lot on toxic vitamin D plays a huge role right in and very low vitamin D rates. Yup Right 'cause they're living in this country and they don't they're not getting enough sunshine Africa Yup and and and then of course toxins right we know toxins have a huge impact on risk of cancer because they can lower the immune system function and they can impact hormone levels in the body and they can impact the you know the the liver and the.

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