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From episodes and he was engaged in a great ministry there is he says a great door and a factual is open on there are many adversaries well paul had i believe is greatest ministry in asia minor episode being the spring and the sounding board far the gospel and i believe that probably the gospel covered that area in amoah effective manner than it ever has in any other place at any other time and that's what paul manner great door and actual is opened unto me now because of that he couldn't leave that ministry and go over to carin where that baby church he'd started over that fail with karnal christians karnal corinthians babes and cries they wanted paul to come they wanted attention they wanted food and they wanted a change to of garments they were all wet if you please and they were crying like a baby would cry and paul couldn't come and they were little math been hurt by and so paul wrote that first ladder and tolan that he would become enlightened a didn't come later and they were still disturb and titus came back and brought him word and paul by that time had lamp ethicist property gone on up to troas well let me read second corinthians to verse eleven he says here verse twelve flood amoah when i came to troas the preach christ's gospel anna door was opened on me of the lord i had no rest and my spirit because i found not titus my brother but taking my leave of them i went from fans and the macedonia now when he went over to macedonia that is a fairly pot why titus whom we had sent to car and his place came and brought him word about the answers to some of the things that paul had told him to do where they're doing them and that for paul sat down and wrote this second pestle and this is the one that we have here now they were stale math they wanted the great apostle to come and be with them and here is where paul actually opens this heart in a very wonderful way.

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