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Leverage you want to get you to be set and ready to throw in you throw within discipline. You're throwing at that point. The ball comes out there. A lot the difference between the great quarterbacks in the NFL and guys who either aren't good enough to start or just good enough to hold onto a job for a little while until they find someone else are the guys who when they see that leverage. They wait another beat or to see the receiver break open by the time. They do that the defenders already recovered and can undercut the ball or a safety on the other side of field in come across and cut off the pass because they're waiting too long to say that I really see what I just saw and you can see that in their footwork with the way that they tap their foot or hop another step or to take an extra hitch when the ball show to come out. And when I look at Daniel when I look at him, he's waiting. He's like did. I really see what I just saw. So he ends to and he waits too long and. Forces the ball in bad situation, or he turns away from route that will break open and goes to something else to see that's quite obvious. So what that tells me that his game is an integrated yet, it's easy to look great throwing to route that you know, isn't covered against era, you know in a drill or seven on sevens. Where the risk isn't huge to make those daring throws. There are a lot of people who auditioned better than they perform. And I think he's one of those guys. All right. So let's turn to a little bit of talk about some of the day three guys. And we'll just call this. What it is. It's the Brett Rippin section of the show. Not Mark Scofield. I know that you know, you indicated earlier that you're also kind of a on the on the Rippin sort of bandwagon fan club, whatever you wanna call it. And I know what Mark sees because we've talked about it. What do you see in Rippin? And is he a guy who could really come out of this class.

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