Joe Flacco Says His Job Is to Win Games for Broncos, Not Mentor Rookie Drew Lock


So guys Joe flacco was kind of talking and was asked about mentoring. Drew lock in the newest quarterback to the room and vodka is said, look, I'm not here to be a mentor. I'm here to win football games. So already. There might be some some drama in a quarterback room. And Joe flacco knows a thing or two about that. Because last year when he was in Baltimore they drafted Lamar Jackson, and he was in a very similar situation. So I'm sure he's just a sick and tired of being asked about being a mentor when he personally probably feels like he's still got stuff left in the tank. Yeah. I think that that's I mean that answers probably a little okay? Guys enough's enough. I'm here to to win football games. I I'm here to be the guy and be the starter. And you know, I think he's price that a little bit of eggs to your point there shoot. He's probably tired of. Hey, this guy here you're gonna help them along the ropes. No, I'm here to win. I'm gonna get myself prepared if the guy asks questions and all answers questions, but in the meantime, I'm not going to be the quarterback coach I'm going to be the guy getting ready to go head when some flip ball games, the Denver Broncos. And I think he does have a lot left and take the be Joe flacco. They put some good pieces around him. Some receivers have guys that can protect him. I think he'll do very well for Denver rather get in the playoffs. Probably not at they'll

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