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Winning battles That's vital to any team to have success and that's something that That regardless of kyle's interest in analytics like you said to me analytics is just information. And if there's good information in his bad information but what's most important is what you do with that information. And when i first met him one of the things. I was really impressed with was sort of had a good idea what what bad information was. Valuable information was and As he's grown under lou lamoriello and the success that he had with the with the marlies And and sheldon what he's done is coach. coming up through the system. I just thought that they really had a good concept of how to balance the to your you mentioned sheldon rate at the end here so this is first full goal forum and it's pretty clear he's putting his stamp on how he wants things to go and not taking over a team that was in mid stride or mid stream or whatever you played for arguably the greatest coach of all time i just came from the world junior tournament in eager larry on told me that it was like sitting in the front role of a classroom with a professor but it was never always easy. So can you think of one scotty story because there's eight million that you can about how you had to figure each other out because it was not always the smooth path right. Oh no it was never smooth that you know what behind it. All status scotty and it wasn't It wasn't pleasant every day. And that's the other thing people think all when you're a winning team you want your your winning these championships or you're a contender. It's just pleasant every day. No it's it's still tough every day. You still have controversies and things like that but At the end like behind it all no matter how we felt about him on that particular day you might be. You might be happy with your coach. Might be mad at your coach. you know. Inevitably he made and so there was a trust build up there and sometimes we almost like grudgingly look back and add a line change. He had made or we'd sort of what is he doing. And then we'd score. We'd be like oh man. He did it again. he's smart he's smart But we all wanted to have a relationship with them but he wouldn't let that happen and he kept us he. He likes for us to be off balance he liked for us. I think to have to deal with adversity On the flip side if there was no adversity in a game of we were winning six. Nothing against the last place team in the third period. Scotty would not be quiet behind the bench. He was honest. Like it's like we're winning. Six seven eight nothing in scott. He just won't shut up now. He just he's talking about a show. You're not supposed to say shadowed. Scotty stop yelling. Stop seeing them. Wanna shutout up. Complaining about dropped passes complain.

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