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Don't think he's a top fifteen guy anymore over two guys male. I think when you look at your Mel Deane the cornerback at Auburn talk about size. He ran four three. He's a free. There's no question freakish talent I thought in coverage. He wasn't as impressive as the physical traits would lead you to believe you should be a, but some is gonna take him. I think somebody could take him second round third round because of the talent that he possesses. And and the fact that he tested off the charts and also David Montgomery running back. I was state. I watch him that he makes yards after contact. He productive player for the most part. But he's not a guy was going to be a breakaway threat. He doesn't have a lot of initial quickness a great lot of wiggle. So I just wonder if he'll run into some resistance NFL front seven. Once he's at the pro level and David Montgomery could be a second or third round picks round or two higher. I think he would come off the significant number running backs at have a little bit more explosiveness and change direction and ability than David Montgomery does we'll see out goes. Some teams are very high on them. I'm not quite as high. It seems like a lot of people would say that this running back class is in great compared to prior classes. How do you feel about the class? I look at this class say in the second third fourth round if you can get a mile Sanders. Penn State in round to view can get a guy like Devon single Terry Florida Atlantic and round three or four rock Armstead temple who's got to improve a receiver. But he's a hard nose runner if you can get him in the fourth fifth round, Dexter Williams. Notre Dame's and other one I like west hills slippery rock. I it's going to be running back. We're going to be talking about in forty five years. Knicks maybe even two to three years several running backs ago in that third the sixth around area that end up playing pretty good football. He's Melkite prom net. Cattles in Dari noca-, ESPN radio ES. CNN app. Sirius XM channel eighty. All. Right. We covered the overrated. Guys. How about underrated? I'm gonna go. Joel Williams offensive tackle, Alabama PSA. Can't be a left tackle hip. You're right. We'll guess what? His arm length is better than Andre Dillard. Everybody's loves the pass blocker and thinks he's going to Houston Texans. I think Joe Williams when you can play left tackle right tackle guard center. Nick that's versatility unmatching this notion he got dominated by furrow in the in the Clemson game. The playoff is not accurate. He got beaten for one play got a little off balance outside that he held his own Lonnie Johnson junior cornerback out of Kentucky. Great length had a heck of a year. What defense may drew lock look like a fifth round pick not a top fifteen pick. It was. It was the Kentucky defense Lonnie Johnson was a key guy there. So I love Joan Williams Lonnie Johnson. Also like a couple other safety's more Kice Blair Utah. Very unrated. Love is Tate. Mike Edwards safety Kentucky. Great leader. As those for the football, Ray, mention one four nil the safety corner from Virginia. I think a safety group is really strong. I think you're gonna see twenty defensive backs off the board in the first two rounds while I look at a guy..

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