Blake Masters: If You Want to Ruin a Country, You'd Rule It Like Biden


You think at some point it's like okay so you've come from the business world If your business is failing you make changes So you would think with the Democrat party when you look at Biden's approval numbers when they're looking at the tsunami that's probably going to come this red You would think that they would be like oh okay maybe the drag queen vote is not as big as we originally thought You would think so I guess although maybe that you know maybe that presumes that they actually want things to work It's always this age old question Are they incompetent Or are they malevolent Is this actual malice that they're showing to the United States I don't think Biden's particularly confident But what we're seeing at the southern border for instance it's not just incompetence right Biden could have done nothing Under president Trump it was good It was stable Biden inherited a stable situation And if he did nothing man we'd be so much better off You could be lazy you could be stupid You could be incompetent And the situation at the border would be a lot more stable No they chose to reverse remain in Mexico They chose to stop construction of the border wall They invited millions of people to come here They caused this border crisis They caused the inflation by printing $6 trillion in one year And so you have to wonder from the Democrats perspective do they want it like this Because if you were trying to ruin a country you basically be governing the way the Biden administration

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