Sunny Hostin: Democrats Moved Centered; Republicans Moved to Extremism


So this is what sunny said Again I want to play this again She's an obvious leftist I had some conversations with our back in the day when I was doing some commentary at CNN and she used to portray herself as kind of like a mainstream Democrat She's really now like most of them because Trump broke all of them A radical leftist And he or she makes the ridiculous point that it's Democrats that have moved more towards the center and Republicans should become more radical Now keep in mind she has zero evidence facts or data to back this up unlike us we've got a whole bunch of it She has zero evidence to back that up because conservatives have not moved We believe in economic freedom school choice regulatory reform pro life pro Second Amendment pro Bill of rights pro constitution pro public safety Law & Order and national security None of that has changed None of it So how we've moved is impossible given that we haven't moved It's the same positions we've held for decade But here's sunny hostin say and you're all crazy and the left are now the party of the centered centrists Check this out They are playing to the base I mean if you look at all the studies the Republican Party has moved further to the right than Democrats have to the left There's a Pew Research Center analysis that finds it on average Democrats and Republicans are farther apart ideologically today than at any time in the past 50 years and that ideological divide breaks down to the Republican Party being an extremist party and the Democratic Party actually as you just mentioned Sarah moving more to the center That's a good one there Sonny

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