How Does America's Condition Effect Black People?


Your Carl, I mean, it's so good to hear from you, man. I can't say nothing but great things about you, I watched the show right before I started and you were so graceful and welcome to me with open arms to the show and I'll tell you what man I really appreciated every single person that I talked to about you that listened to the show said you are such an amazing man and I'm glad to have you here and I wanted to talk to you about the condition of America and what does it mean moving forward for black people in America. Yeah, honestly, man, I got to tell you, America is in a place Brandon where I've written about this stuff and I've talked about it for over ten years and you write about this stuff you talk about it and I know you can imagine this too, but I don't think you can you never get to a point or at least I did where I didn't think that I'd see every scene that I spoke about in other spoke about coming to fruition, especially this quickly. I mean, not just for the black community but for Americans in general, we are in Dire Straits and I know we say this every election cycle, but I mean, from the bottom of my heart, I believe this is true that if we don't win this election cycle and if we don't win 2024 and I'm not just talking about with the Republican brand, I'm talking about with people that are going to go to Washington, D.C., people that are going to go to the state legislatures and straight up fight against evil if we don't win with those type of people. I think this country is pretty much

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