Kao the Kangaroo - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch - Nintendo


It's mayor Thom, like a horse. Is out on switch PlayStation Xbox and PC. Cow or KO, I forget what we said yesterday. The kangaroo is on a PlayStation Xbox switch steam epic game store. Arcade spirits, the new challengers is on PC, PS4, PS5, switch Xbox One Xbox Series X S as well. And then three classic SNES and NES titles are now live for Nintendo Switch online members. Super NES gives you Congo's caper and rival turf. Meanwhile, NES gives you pinball. Go ahead. Well, I was going to give you all the flowers, 'cause when this went in the chat yesterday, you responded on slack, they gotta be making these games up. That's what my thing is, I've been saying this for a while. Every single time they announced new games for

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