Is America's Sovereignty in Jeopardy?


Now what if I told you right now this question of sovereignty and who is in charge very well might be put in permanent jeopardy using an international health apparatus. Now there's lots of fail safes built into the constitution. The constitution is a domestic political document. It's the greatest political document ever written. The United States Constitution was not written for the times, was written to stand the test of time. Understanding human nature's predisposition towards greed. Selfishness, lying and cheating and stealing a diffuses power over space and time. There's so many layers of checks and balances in the U.S. Constitution almost as if the founding fathers were inherently distrustful of people with power and they were. Now, it spreads over space and time by it requires a lot of geographic land mass to be able to make decisions and time where it's intentionally long to be able to do something bold and dramatic. This is why the CDC and the FDA swooping in and taking away individual sovereignty. And states rights was something that was deemed unconstitutional was always kind of left to the states and by the way, most European countries do not have that model. I know some Europeans and they were perplexed when they learned about America's response to COVID that it was a state by state model. You see, in Germany, if Berlin wants to do something, it impacts Bavaria as it does um, as it does Munich, one size fits all governing model. In Austria, if Vienna wants to do something, it impacts Salzburg just as much as Vienna. In Europe, the power comes from the top in America the power comes from the bottom.

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