8 out of 10 Largest U.S. Cities Lost Residents During Pandemic


And the pandemic revealed that a lot of people kind of already knew that their city's kind of suck We got the Census Bureau just putting out some population estimates and it showed that 8 of the ten largest cities lost residents And of course more than those 8 loss residents Now they look from July 2020 to July 2021 So we're talking about the height of the pandemic New York lost 305,000 residents That's two and a half percent of the 2020 population You look at Chicago they lost 45,000 LA 40,000 San Francisco as a city Lost saw the largest rate of decline 6.3% of its 2020 population that's about 55,000 residents When the pandemic happened you know I was really just focused on living in my kind of shoebox environment And really kind of COVID gave me a chance to kind of look for a little bit more space Like it's not just about space So he lived in San Francisco talking to CBS News He lived there up until the pandemic and then he kind of realized something At the end of my time living in San Francisco I almost felt like the city was kind of like chasing me out They kind of were like they weren't chasing you up They try to chase out people who maybe are not completely in line with their vision And unfortunately the vision in so many of these cities is what it has become filled with homeless people filled with death from overdose and yet weirdly you're paying $2700 for that 500 ft² apartment People realize very quickly Once they couldn't actually get out of their apartments that the city doesn't offer them much

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