'Breaking the News' Author Alex Marlow on Free Speech in Big Tech


We were talking about the Second Amendment, the assault on it, the newsroom uvalde. We can segue very smoothly to the topic of your book breaking the news and the big issue of big tech. Because Elon Musk, the individual, you warned me about that we had so many high hopes of tweeted out, I think it was on Thursday morning or Wednesday night that, yeah, we have to do something about these AR-15s, maybe some special kind of registration or training. And I just tweeted out Elon, you were doing so well. Let's break down this story. The book is breaking the news. You've got to get it from our guest, Alex marlowe breaking the news exposing the establishment media's hidden deals and secret corruption. Where are you at in terms of Twitter, I don't know if you're on truth social, something's happened on true social, my account is now two, 3000 new followers every single day for the last weeks of something exponentials happening there. They're opening it up to Android as well. We had Devin Nunes on the show. We invited president Trump on the show as well. Are we starting to see some glimmers of hope? Or are you still concerned that this is the most powerful weapon on the left has to distort and steal elections? Yeah, it is one of the most powerful for sure. Noteworthy is maybe the most powerful of them all is Google, which president Trump was complaining that Google might be discriminating against true social. And that would be great because I spoke to Donald Trump personally a couple of years ago about the threat of big tech. And he was really obsessed with Twitter and I get why that was his most powerful tool, but for his supporters, the most powerful tools have been Google and Facebook by a mile, Google number one. And so if he's getting fired up about Google assuming he runs for president next time around, that could be a very good thing because he needs to crack the whip on Google who is manipulating elections in a major way, in my opinion. But what's happening is Musk is going to disappoint. If you're a mos super fan, if you think he's some sort of pure guy, he's going to disappoint you in different ways. He does a lot of things and says a lot of things that do make me indicate some of the red pilling is legitimate. I was kind of in the campus at most all performance art to advance his business businesses. I'm not there anymore. I now think he has internalized some of the values you and I have, doctor G, but he's going to keep making mistakes.

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